Sunday, May 31, 2009

Neocons Take To The Airwaves And SCREAM Against Diversity!

For Your Own Safety, Wear Earplugs!

No one reacts to the word "diversity" like Michelle Malkin, or Pat Buchanan, or Pat Robertson, or Sean Hannity, or...well, you get the picture. One of the most rabid of nationalists, Michael Savage, uses the slogan, "Diversity Equals Perversity." So now the screaming has begun over FACA (the Federal Advisory Committee Act) which will make recommendations to the FCC regarding minorities' and women's diversity in radio, TV, and the internet. Their "interpretation" of the Act? Cover your ears and read:
Barack Obama has ordered his FCC Chairman to create its first "Diversity Committee." This so-called "Diversity Committee"—which is made up of a diverse crowd of left-wing radicals and politically correct liberal trouble makers—will now be given federal authority to determine who can own a radio station and what voices can be heard.
The Obama censorship plan will give our enemies the unilateral authority to make talk radio as diverse as MSNBC television's Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow lineup. This is not the America that we know, and not the country that the Founding Founders envisioned when they wrote the First Amendment!
So, according to the great neocon blogfest, the nation's enemies are not terrorists, but un-American liberals like Olbermann, Matthews and Maddow.

And from the champion screamer, Michelle Malkin:

The diversity-mongers on Barack Obama’s FCC bean-counting panel don’t like how a private radio ratings system is working out for their pet stations.

So they’re putting pressure on the government to make Arbitron change its measurement tools to ensure politically correct results.

Who needs the Fairness Doctrine? The race-based enforcers on the FCC are in the house.

And this, from a woman who would not have been born here had not her parents come to the "diverse" America from the not-so-diverse Filipines. Of course, Malkin's attacks against people who weren't born on American soil (or worse, the ones who were born of illegal alien parents!) don't extend to her own family. She's also an apologist for Japanese Internment (to her, Manzanar was a really a kind of fortified luxury resort and spa).

From the FACA website:

The Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), 5 U.S.C. App. 2 governs the operations of the Advisory Committee on Diversity for Communications in a Digital Age (hereinafter “Diversity Committee” or “Committee”).

The guiding principles under FACA are:

  • Openness in government
  • Diversity in membership and advice; and
  • Public accountability

The mission of the Advisory Committee on Diversity for Communications in the Digital Age is to make recommendations to the FCC regarding policies and practices that will further enhance the ability of minorities and women to participate in telecommunications and related industries.

I don't know where the screamers are getting the "who can own a radio station" story. Pretty strange coming from people connected to a major cable "news" network owned by an Aussie who's tried to steer public policy by letting his commentators vent their we-hate-Obama-for-whatever-reason views.