Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life Begins on January 3rd

For me, at least.

The Holidays were good. Better than could be expected, in fact: I didn't spend them in a 12'x12' SRO on 6th Street which is where some people wanted me to be. I still have my cats, Katie Scarlett and Chloe Anastasia. I have sex occasionally - not as much as I want, but I'm working on my social skills. 

So what do I do now, after the Holidays? 

I live. No, I LIVE. I schedule. I write. I work out. I take my meds. I cook. I socialize. I become involved in people's lives. I try to help people. I work on my book. I look for writing gigs. I work on my 4x4 community garden plot. I read more facebook. I go to therapy. 

I make sure that all is well with my world. Well, as best as I can. 

Yes, life began today. 

It's all I've got. Its all I can give.