Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gay Fetuses Attacked!!

God Hates Gay Fetuses!

It's been reported that Robert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary of Kentucky may become the President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Mohler also has a syndicated radio show.

What is Robert Mohler against? Same old, same old: Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, homosexuality, feminists, blah, blah, blah. But what is he FOR? Why he's for conversion - of fetuses. Check this out from his website in an article entitled Is Your Baby Gay?:

If a biological basis is found, and if a prenatal test is then developed, and if a successful treatment to reverse the sexual orientation to heterosexual is ever developed, we would support its use as we should unapologetically support the use of any appropriate means to avoid sexual temptation and the inevitable effects of sin.

So, if you can't pray away the gay you're allowed to yank it out of the fetus, sort of like a tumor. And if it's proven that homosexuality is genetic, Mohler links the gene to man's wickedness:

Given the consequences of the Fall and the effects of human sin, we should not be surprised that such a causation or link is found. After all, the human genetic structure, along with every other aspect of creation, shows the pernicious effects of the Fall and of God's judgment.

But throughout his entire discourse on unborn queers, Mohler strives for an aura of tolerance:

The discovery of a biological basis for homosexuality would be of great pastoral significance, allowing for a greater understanding of why certain persons struggle with these particular sexual temptations.

The biblical basis for establishing the dignity of all persons -- the fact that all humans are made in God's image -- reminds us that this means all persons, including those who may be marked by a predisposition toward homosexuality. For the sake of clarity, we must insist at all times that all persons -- whether identified as heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, transgendered, bisexual, or whatever -- are equally made in the image of God. (emphasis by author - certainly not me)

Huh? First of all, Mo, how can you use the word "marked" without inferring some sort of stigma? And if all those people listed (including the "whatevers") were made "equally in the image of God," what's the problem?

There is something slightly Orwellian here: all of God's humans are equal, but heterosexual Christians are more equal.

Mohler, of course, gives an admonition against aborting gay fetuses.

But they still have to wear pink triangles until they've been changed into heterosexuals.

The FBI Mole, Christian Identity and You

When the Right Mole Becomes TOO Right Himself

Hal Turner, the internet radio show host who routinely advocated killing Jews, illegal aliens nd Supreme Court Justices is off the air.

But the FCC had nothing to do with it.

It seems he may have gotten "outed" as an FBI informant. According to Hatewatch (published by The Southern Poverty Law Center), Turner received some interesting emails stating that someone had hacked into his server and discovered incriminating email linking him to the FBI payroll. Today (Thursday)

"Turner suddenly announced he was quitting political work. 'I hereby separate from the ‘pro-White’ movement,' he said, adding that he was ending his radio show immediately. 'I will no longer involve myself in any aspect of it.'"

"In 2006, Turner told his audience to '“clean your guns, have plenty of ammunition … [and] then do what has to be done' to undocumented workers. Around the same time, he suggested that half the U.S. Congress 'may have to be assassinated.' A year earlier, he suggested 'drawing up lists of yeshivas,'” or Jewish religious schools. He once started a website called for the purpose of posting photos and names of those who marched in favor of immigrant rights."

The influence Turner had on neo-Nazis and groups like Christian Identity is debated, but with rhetoric as inflamatory as his, how could he not be the seminal part of violence? Did he go too far in presenting himself as a supreme hater, abetting more crimes than he ostensibly prevented?

The FBI declined to comment on the situation.

How far is too far? What do you think?