Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are Sex Education Classes That Cool?

According to FRC they must be!

Today, FRC and Planned Parenthood had a perfect chance to scratch each other's eyes out, but, darn, it didn't happen. Anderson Cooper 360 was covering the disturbing story of a group of Gloucester, MA high school girls making a pact to get pregnant and raising their babies together. Always at loggerheads with Planned Parenthood, Perkins has this to say in his daily newsletter:

Sarah Brown of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy said, "This is not a story about sex education." Of course it is! It just happens to be a story that liberals are trying to hide, as it confirms--once again--the failure of comprehensive sex education. Planned Parenthood celebrated when Gov. Deval Patrick (D) refused the federal funds for abstinence programs in Massachusetts schools. Had he accepted the grant and encouraged schools like GHS to use it to teach sexual restraint, the storyline in this storied fishing village might have been different.

What Perkins didn't say - in his newsletter or in the interview - is that the state government must kick in some funds for abstinence only programs. 22 states have now refused funds simply because they feel that abstinence only programs don't work. They feel that both the state and federal governments are throwing away money with these programs.

To the right: a Medieval chastity belt. Mean looking little bugger, isn't it? Does WalMart sell them?

Interestingly, Perkins did not responsse well to the Planned Parenthood's representative in saying that abstinence only programs don't work. He went off on a slight tangent and never gave any evidence that they DO work. And what about his phrase "the failure of comprehensive sex education." How could it be a failure? If the STD rate drops, then I'm all for it. Planned Parenthood has never said that abstinence doesn't work at all, but it feels AO should be included with sex education. Anderson Cooper tried to bring the discussion around to parents, and while Perkins agreed, he never elaborated. Why? Because parents don't talk to their children about sex and if they do, they frequently give out wrong information. For millenia, parents have been the wrong people to talk to about sex. The 14-year-old kid who hangs out on the corner dealing drugs probably knows more.

And what do kids think of the AO programs?
How long can a teenager laugh?