Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rick Warren: Big Man, Bigger Lie: Watch The PROOF Watch The Lie!

"I Never Never Once Endorsed Proposition 8"

Is Rick Warren living in some parallel universe which is not totally in sync with ours? Or did he have certain memories removed from his brain?

People have chided Barack Obama for "living" with a teleprompter, but perhaps Warren does: it seems that he makes public declarations so often that he can't remember all of the ideologies he spouted in front of one.

Sorry, Rick. I think I'd remember that one.

NOTE: Some of his statements are quite dimwitted: unless you're a "young earther" and never read a history book let alone one on sociology, the "5000 years" and "every society/civilization" comment is so bogus as to be irrational. Of 1200 societies in the last 10,000 years, only 150 espoused one-man-one-woman marriage. Neither David nor Solomon believed in it if you want Biblical examples. The "2% of the population" is bogus as well.

Go to the Saddleback Church's statements on homosexuality. For some reason the links are screwed up. Notice also: the page has changed from text to audio. Why? Warren likes to use 2, 3 or 4 DIFFERENT versions of the Bible (one of which, by the way, was never intended to be a Bible but a paraphrased version), and with audio, citation of chapter and version makes the listener believe that all citations are from the same bible version.


Rick Warren's "Gay Friends"?? Come Out! Come Out! Wherever You Are!

Just had to get this in tonight:

Rick Warren on Larry King. I caught a snippet (Yes, I will view the whole program tomorrow!). King was asking him about the Iowa Supreme Court Decision on gay marriage.

Did Warren say what I heard him say? Re: Prop 8: "I sent letters apologizing to my gay friends."


"I know gay leaders who know me a know that I would NEVER say things like homosexuality is the same as pedophilia and bestiality."


We may not be able to point to the spot where that statement was EDITED OUT OF YOUR WEBSITE, but it WAS THERE!!

His bad dye job must have affected his brain!

WHAT GAY FRIENDS? WHAT GAY LEADERS? LET'S HAVE SOME PROOF, WARREN! And for God's sake, don't hire the awful actors the Mormon Church got for their Utah Boys Ranch commercials!

O.K., rant over and out.

A Purpose Driven Genocide: Rick Warren and Gays in Africa

In my post of 3/29 titled I Hope Rick Warren Fails, I voiced my fear of the man. Today, I am declaring myself to be an official enemy of Rick Warren. Unless someone can produce evidence to the contrary, I believe Rick Warren to be a key leader of Christofascism who wishes the total annihilation of homosexuals worldwide.

Alright, I'm a crackpot. But hear me out, please.

First, there's a sequence of events:

Back in August, when I wrote about the lack of compassion people like Rick Warren had towards gays during the early Age of AIDS in a post titled
An Open Letter To The Mrs. Rick Warrens of America. I sent a link to Kay Warren's CAO (Chief AIDS Officer) Elizabeth Styffe. I received a warm response letter that now looks like too much BS.

I hear you and hurt for the terrible ways that people have suffered alone. Meeting you, a person living with HIV, is what I love to do everyday. And you're right, churches with an HIV ministry are tragically rare and were horrifically absent early on in the Pandemic. (my emphasis)

We're trying to change that reality and are giving our lives to help mobilize the church...and people everywhere to care and act and engage.
Then after a dozen mea culpas:
As a member of the Orange Country HIV Planning Council, I am constantly learning and working with Kay to make an impact and care and engage others in doing the same. We want your feedback...people living with HIV are our passion.
After I received this fatuous email, I then requested if I could post a copy for my blog. Surprise! Never heard from her again. I posted it anyway.

Then came the '08 campaign, the "Forum" bringing together Obama and McCain, the war over Prop 8 and Warren's endorsement. Any semblence of tolerance for this man began to errode. Of course, the invocation at Obama's inauguration fueled more suspicions, but what really sent me on the trail of this post's subject was Warren's statements about homosexuality in his website - the ones that are still there as well as the ones that were yanked out. No matter what he said about "gay friends" he stuck to his Purpose Driven motto: "Whatever it takes."

And now an indication (to me) that he supports homosexual genocide.

To start this form of genocide, he has enlisted two African brutes: President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda. In both republics, homosexual acts are illegal, with Uganda's penalty being life imprisonment.

So this is the serious question: just how much influence does Warren have on these two countries? Listen to Ann Garrison's interview on KPFA last January. It certainly casts a shadow over "I have gay friends! I've been to their houses for dinner!" Both Rwanda and Uganda were declared the world's first "Purpose Driven" nations. BFD. Warren's influence has suppressed HIV prevention funds, giving only to those agencies who stress "abstinence only."

The way the two nations are going, however, it might not be long before homosexuality is declared punishable by death.

(Kampala) The Ugandan government vowed to move forward with a bill that would toughen the country’s already harsh punishment of homosexuality.

Sex between two people of the same sex already is a criminal offense in Uganda - punishable by life imprisonment - although there are no records of any recent convictions.

Now the government is prepared to expand the law, making it a criminal offense to be gay. The legislation would make any public display of being gay a crime.

International human rights and LGBT groups have called on Kampala to drop the bill and repeal the sodomy law.

Last month the Obama administration formally endorsed a U.N. declaration calling for the worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality.

To the Rick Warrens of the world, an act like that will never do. As a prime example of their hatred, Uganda’s leading Muslim cleric called for gays to be rounded up and marooned on an island in Lake Victoria until they die. Yep, that's Uganda, The Purpose Driven Nation.

So, has Warren set his sights on any other nations as "Purpose Driven?" How about these countries where the penalty for being gay is death:

Somalia Sudan Mauritania Nigeria Iran Iraq Jordan Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Yemen

Or where homosexuality is illegal:

Comoros Djibouti Eritrea Ethiopia Kenya Malawi Mauritius Mozambique Seychelles Tanzania Zambia Zimbabwe Angola Cameroon Principe Algeria Egypt Libya Morocco Tunisia Botswana Lesotho Nambia Swaziland Benin Burkina Faso The Gambia Ghana Guinea Liberia Mali Niger Senegal Sierra Leone Togo

That makes THIRTY-NINE African countries Rick Warren can play God in. Thirty-nine potential "Purpose Driven" nations. Thirty-nine areas where gays will be beaten, imprisoned and (possibly) executed. You'll never hear Warren applauding Obama's endorsement of the U.N. declaration.

But you might hear is "Go ahead. Whatever it takes."

Just a thought.