Saturday, August 1, 2009

Explosion In Alaska! Family Values Tumble Into The Sea!

Ah, the wondrous facility of the web: within a scant five hours, a rumor becomes widely read, within six hours, it's "the truth" and by seven hours...? If our ancestors saw fortunes fall within hours. We can see ideologies and natioal images teeter on the brink of oblivion within minutes.

The mere mention of Sarah and "First Dude's" possible divorce has set the net on its ear. Even greater, the possibility that there was infidelity on both sides! And The National Enquirer, that bastion of functional illiteracy warned all of us about the affair Sarah was having with Todd's (later ex) business partner:


In a world exclusive The NATIONAL ENQUIRER names GOP VP Candidate Sarah Palin's secret lover!
No less than three members of the man’s family including one by sworn affidavit have claimed that Sarah Palin engaged in an extramarital affair with hus­band Todd’s former business partner, Brad Hanson.
“Todd found out about the affair and was so mad he broke up their partnership at the snowmobile dealership"
- says a close friend
Well, you have to say one thing for Sarah Palin: THIS GIRL CAN RUN!
...from just about anything! Then again, she has plenty to run from: Trig's maternity, Bristol's pregnancy, Levi Johnston's mouth, alleged ethics violations, and any sane person who knew that she would have been dumber than Dan Quayle had she won the vice-presidency.

from Huffington Post:

Pray tell! What will the Christian Right say? Has the world's most famous "hockey mom" flushed her "family values" card down the toilet?

O.K., enough of cheap shots, but...

If the divorce is acrimonious, we'll be eager to see who sides with whom. The morning will bring...what? Who will react? Franklin Graham,?Tony Perkins? James Dobson? Pat Robertson? Then there's the Republican Party. How long will it take for the Republican Party to distance themselves from all of this? (Shudder) Michael Steele make a comment?

No matter who thinks what, the wheels of fame, politics and society will still be turning. And not in Palin's favor.

You betcha!

Whoopi Goldberg - Sister Act - Mother Theresa - McGuire the Pedophile Priest?

Only Three Degrees Of Separation!

Like an (evil) gift that just keeps on giving, the pedophile cases against Father Donald McGuire keep mounting up. But the man who was Mother Theresa's confessor is, oddly enough, himself unrelentingly unrepentant.

Yesterday, I was startled to spy on a news rack the following:

SF WEEKLY, By Peter Jamison, July 27, 2009

A new lawsuit sheds light on the S.F. years of Mother Teresa's spiritual adviser – who is also one of the Jesuit order's most notorious convicted pedophiles.

Pedophile-priest stories are now so commonplace, half the country doesn't think of "priest" without "pedophile." There was a time, however, when "priest" was synonymous with "GOD." I know. I was raised VERY Catholic (I popped out of the womb into the arms of a nun!). And about the time that I was in a Dominican college prep school, Father Donald McGuire was teaching at another boys college prep school only 10 miles away.

But even for someone already gilded with respect, Donald McGuire was an extraordinary man, a charmer who had a great knowledge of many things and would relate subjects like Greek history and Jesuit doctrine in compelling detail.

"I think deep down inside he enjoyed the coronation that we laypeople gave him, because we felt so lucky that we had this time with this brilliant, devout prophet."

Looking back, it's quite obvious that McGuire held himself in very high esteem. He frequently told some of his colleagues "I could pray rings around you anytime!" But despite his often contemptuousness, he had a love of his students. His male students. His male students in the confessional.

"Bless me father for I have sinned."

I cobbled together this time line from several articles.

1960s: McGuire allegedly abuses victim #1 in Europe.
: McGuire allegedly abuses Vic Bender (Victim 2) at Loyola Academy.

McGuire allegedly abuses Victim 3 at Loyola Academy.

McGuire allegedly abuses Victim 4 at Loyola Academy.

Thirteen years after the Jesuits first learned of Victim 4's allegations of sexual abuse by McGuire, McGuire becomes the spiritual director for the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa's order. He becomes Mother Teresa's confessor.

1986: Victim 9 is born. McGuire baptizes him and becomes his godfather.

McGuire's alleged molestation of Victim 5 (then 8 or 9 years old) begins.
1987: Victim 10 (brother of Victim 5) is born. McGuire baptizes him. McGuire also baptized his younger siblings.
Victim 9 goes to Chicago to "live" with McGuire at Canisius House. McGuire allegedly uses confessions as a means to begin fondling Victim 9, who alleges that McGuire sexually molested him hundreds of times between 1999 and 2004, including regular abuse during confession.

The abuse, you see, was made more sinister by the fact that he was close to some of the families, had baptized some of the victims and had even become the godfather of one! And here's how Mother Theresa and Whoopi Goldberg came into play:
It was at McGuire's bidding that the 11-year-old came to serve as an altar boy that morning at St. Paul's Convent, a boxy building of yellow stucco that rises from a tree-lined block near the intersection of 29th and Church streets. (The convent houses local novices in the international Missionaries of Charity order, founded by Mother Teresa in 1950.) The priest was close to the boy's family...
Both St. Paul's church and it's convent, were depicted in Whoopi Goldberg's blockbuster movie, Sister Act.

Piecing together the complex web of abuser, victims, and admirers becomes almost incredulous when one finds out who turned him in to the authorities: his own nephew, Kevin McGuire, a lawyer specializing in ...pedophile cases.

SF Weekly:

Kevin McGuire said his uncle's time as a professor in San Francisco, and his later trips to the Bay Area and around the world, were encouraged by superiors as a "pass-the-trash" strategy to keep the predator priest far from his home base. "USF was a place where the Chicago Province sent Father McGuire to get him the hell out of their hair," he said. "That's why this guy was allowed to roam around the country. They wanted him everywhere but Chicago."
Currently? McGuire was defrocked in 2007 and is now serving a 25-year sentence for the abuse of two victims at Loyola Academy. Legally blind from diabetes, and 74-years-old, McGuire will obviously spend the rest of his life in prison. That fact, however, is little compensastion to the victims and their families. Civil suits against the Jesuit order are pending. They will add to the already staggering sum of $1 billion paid out in such suits since 1995.

Remorse? None. The man who was GOD to young boys and confessor to Mother Theresa constantly condones himself by saying that the charges against are motivated by the money extorted from the Catholic Church.

SF Weekly:

As the disgraced priest faces his earthly end, he has resolutely declined to embrace a concept at the very core of Catholicism: repentance. McGuire, the great confessor, has never admitted guilt in any of the instances of abuse for which he stands accused or convicted. He has also taken what could be interpreted as a less-than-Christian stance toward the victims who have chosen to speak against him.

"I want my accusers to be sentenced," he said during the post conviction phase of his first trial in Wisconsin in 2006.

In fact, McGuire compares himself to the likes of Socrates, St. Thomas More and...Jesus.

"Your Honor, I did all of this with the image of Christ crucified before me. I've never been closer to the crucified Christ, never in my life. It's a terrible experience, but it's glorious."

I'll leave the reader here. Enough has been said.

The Coulter-Malkin Conspiracy!

Discredit Every Liberal We Can Lay Hands On!

This past week, both Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin talked about a question put forth by Lynn Sweet of Politics to President Obama during his last press conference. They both stated that they KNEW the question was given to the President before the presser. Now they have to take back what they said. Or do they?

Lynn Sweet's RESPONSE:
Ann, Michelle, can we get a beer on this? I'll pay. I'll take an Amstel Light. What are your brews? Because gals, you need to look elsewhere for a new conspiracy. Coulter said on FOX News that Obama "had that question planted." She added, "I do have proof." On NBC's "Today Show" on Wednesday morning, host Matt Lauer, asked Malkin, "Do you think this was a planned question?" Replied Malkin, "Absolutely do."

The full retort:
I wrote a column about how and why I asked the question because I received many queries from readers and viewers. I wrote what I thought were simple, declarative sentences: "No one asked me -- directly or indirectly -- about what I may be asking. No one from the White House tried to plant any question."
The idea that the Obama media machine would try to plant that question -- or any question-- with me is nutty. If they had, my story would have been about their effort to plant a question. And again, why would they have even tried to orchestrate such an off-message query? By the time Coulter and Malkin spoke with such certainty, I had already said that Obama did not have a clue about what I would be asking.
But some right-wingers think that Lynn Sweet is lying. Check out the comments like the one below at
Sweet doth protesteth too much. Lots of meandering words. Zero credibility.
Some of them assumed she was lying simply because they surmised she is a liberal. However, two days after the allegations, both Coulter (who said she has proof) and Malkin (who thinks she doesn't need any) have not come up with rebuttals. They themselves have not called Lynn Sweet as liar.

Which of the three has "zero credibility?"

Let me guess.