Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh, Mother Earth Goddess Sarah! We Beseech Thee!

'Cause Governor Palin Didn't Give Us Half of What We Need!

Sorry, But Governor Palin Is Not Available For Compassion Today.
She's At A Photo-Op With Her Baby.
Get It Somewhere Else!

I wish Joe Biden would see this little list. The focus on the Vice Presidential Debate will, of course, be foreign policy, but Sarah Palin has been rather hypocritical in domestic policy. She may not be the "mother earth" figure and humanitarian she pretends to be. Her speech yesterday focused on funding programs for special needs children (like her own), so I would love for Biden to ask why she cut funding for:

  • Special Olympics Alaska (cutting budget in half, down t0 $275,000)
  • The Fairbanks Community Food Bank
  • An Alaskan drop-out-prevention program
  • An addiction rehabilitation facility
  • Statewide independent living centers
  • Transition housing for homeless young adults, and...
  • She erased funding for substance abuse education*

Granted, Mrs. Mooseburger, The Goddess Sarah, might have had to make drastic cuts in Alaska's budget. All government budgets are in terrible shape. BUT don't let her get away with telling the country how caring and compassionate** she has been. Let her explain those cuts, then tell us what a wonderful governor she's been.

Besides Mother Earth, here are a depictions of what Sarah Palin
is NOT (left to right):

Ceres: Goddess of Abundance Quan Yin: Goddess of Mercy and Compassion Minerva: Goddess of Wisdom

Sorry, there is no goddess of hypocrisy.

* She just wants to eliminate education on sex, drugs, and...we'll have to wait for Rock 'n Roll
**Remember "Compassionate Conservatism?" That was 8 years ago. People still don't know what Bush was talking about. Maybe it's time that Mrs. Mooseburger resurrected it.

Is Palin Dangerously Over The Edge - According to Dobson - or Is She "Super Mom!" ?

This was one of those "just had to post it pictures" and has nothing to do with the post.

Dobson "Waffles" on Palin

James Dobson of Focus On The Family fame waffled against his own theory when talking about Sarah Palin on Laura Ingraham's radio show. When asked about the burden of having a family and juggling the Vice Presidency, Dobson had this to say:

DOBSON: I think that is her choice. That’s a personal matter that’s in her own family. And she seems to be doing it well. She loves her kids, she loves her family. … When she was elected governor, she eliminated the position of chef at the mansion because she wanted to do the cooking for her own family. I mean, this is a very unique, special lady.

But not too long ago, THIS was Dobson's stance about working mothers:
DR. DOBSON: Some women are able to maintain a busy career and a bustling family at the same time, and they do it beautifully. I admire them for their discipline and dedication. It has been my observation, however, that this dual responsibility is a formula for exhaustion and frustration for many others. It can be a never-ending struggle for survival. …

On weekends, there’s housecleaning to do, clothes to be ironed and pants to be mended. … A little push in any direction and she could go over the edge.

If Palin should win (aaargh!) I can just see the headlines 6 months after the inauguration:

Sarah Palin Murders Entire Family With NRA Trophy!
Claims Voice In Her Head Was God's

Sorry, Dr. Dobson, you can't have it both ways. Either Sarah Palin will be a super mother or a super Vice President. One of the two has to suffer. If she gets elected, however, I think we all will suffer.

Just a thought.