Friday, October 23, 2009

Sarah Palin Hates Polar Bears - Again!

Attention! Polar Bears!

Former Alaska Governor and would-be vice-president/president/whatever Sarah Palin is coming after you in a big way! This isn't the first time, of course, because she even told George W. Bush to shove you off of the endangered species list. And even though your habitat is 93% ice floe way off the shores of Alaska, she's going to argue that you're not living on melting ice floes! And while she's plugging her new book on Rush Limbaugh, and every FOX news program, she'll be telling people that you're really not cute and cuddly, that you're vicious beasts, but that your meat tastes better than regular bear meat because you're white!

Probably one of the biggest slaps-in-the face the current administration has given to Sarah Palin:

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration said Thursday it is designating more than 200,000 square miles in Alaska and off its coast as "critical habitat" for polar bears, an action that could add restrictions to future offshore drilling for oil and gas.

Designation as critical habitat would not, in itself, bar oil or gas development, but would make consideration of the effect on polar bears and their habitat an explicit part of any government-approved activity.

However, if the polar bear became extinct...

Sarah Palin and her associate, Gov. Sean Parnell have said that the Endangered Species Act was "...being used as a way to shut down resource development along Alaska's northern coast." And Parnell said he does not intend to let that happen.

So, we'll be seeing a LOT more of Sarah Palin as she sidles next to the cover of her book as well as photo of a vicious lone polar bear eating as cute baby seal while standing on the shores of Juneau.

Genocide Looming In Uganda! Whither Warren?

It's Time For SUPERCHRISTIAN To The Rescue!
(Don't Bet On It)

Like the earlier draft, the current bill reiterates a lifetime imprisonment on conviction of homosexuality, and defines a new category called “aggravated homosexuality” with provisions for the death penalty upon conviction. Among the factors which can lead to “aggravated homosexuality” is if one partner is HIV-positive. This bill would mandate HIV testing to determine eligibility for “aggravated homosexuality.”

From Truth Wins Out - Wayne Besen:

Uganda already punished gay intimacy with life in prison. But, apparently that was not harsh enough, with this bill penalizing anyone who “attempts to commit the offence” with up to seven years in jail. Additionally, a person charged will be forced to undergo an invasive medical examination to determine their HIV status. If the detainees are found to be HIV+, they may be executed.
My mistrust of Rick Warren runs deep: he has been purposely vague about his connections with the gay community and AIDS groups. He brags about his work with AIDS in Africa in rather vague terms. His last speech to Muslims was a rambling catastrophe meant to show how wonderful his Purpose Driven nations and P.E.A.C.E. plan are and how much he "loves" Muslims as brothers. You can also read about the communication between myself and Kay Warren's right hand, Elizabeth Styffe. That communication led to questions that have never been answered, like which faith-based AIDS organizations does Saddleback Church operate in the U.S. that include gays and lesbians?

Warren is definitely a shady character protecting himself with a barrier of Purpose-Driven flunkies who can't be bothered to use spell-check for their press releases. Even the people of his own Saddleback Church can't touch him. He also uses up to five different versions of the Bible to make a point, hoping that no one will notice the change in language, tone, or style.

OK, I'll stop the rant. But one last question: with Uganda in his back pocket, why doesn't he come forth and tell President Museveni and Christian leader Rev. Ssempe that criminalizing homosexuality to the point of extinction is wrong? And why doesn't he stand up to the likes of Exodus International and The Family? Although Wayne Besen is referring to Museveni, the same could be said about Warren:
Let the record show that their “key man” controlled Uganda when a religious terror campaign was waged against an innocent minority – and these good Christians stood by and did not lift a finger to stop the horror.
The now infamous anti-gay Kampala conference hosted by Uganda is a study in horrenduous hatred and homophobia. Rick Warren, at the time, was elsewhere, but his influence showed: his insistance on "abstinence only" programs has become systemic as well as toxic. Go to yesterday's Box Turtle Bulletin to find out about the serious threat of a gay genocide.

"Did not lift a finger to stop the horror."

Deja vu.

These same "Christians" stood by in the 80s and 90s and watched AIDS ravage hundreds of thousands of gays. Warren is (officially) a Southern Baptist and Saddleback is part of the Southern Baptist Convention. The SBC has never supported a faith-based AIDS related entity. It DOES support many such agencies in Africa where heterosexual people are suffering on a scale much larger than the LGBT community. Southern Baptists along with Rick Warren are hoping to "wipe out" homosexuality by criminalizing it and making gays the target of the most vicious homophobic attacks the world has ever seen.

Rick Warren, are you reading this? I hope so.