Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Biblically Illicit Sex Costs A Christofascist Minister: A Rent Boy, A Son...

And One Hugely Homophobic Career

Yes, I'm another one of those vile, liberal predators of any scandal-worthy "Man of God." I certainly had fun skewering Ted Haggard. So when the story of Rev. George Rekers and his "rent boy" came out, I couldn't get off my feedback fast enough. But now I've had enough time to reflect on the situation and I've come to some sobering questions: what will happen to his adopted son? Did he know what his dad was doing? Was he a hustler when he was adopted? Has he ever met "Lucien"/Geo?

Let's give Rekers Jr. the benefit of a doubt and assume that he is not as stupid as his father. He knows what his father has been doing, at least in payments to young men to be his "attendent." He was "found" on Facebook by Joe My God, but has not responded to any inquiries. His statement (when it does come out - and it will) will be revealing in what it will say ... or what it won't say. If he spouts Scripture too frequently, then Reker Sr. may be in for some furious accusations of religious brainwashing. If his son's statement seems too forced (or too short), then the public will assume that he's hiding something. In any case, there is way too much pressure on him.

Rekers' career as a professional ex-gay "professional expert" and NARTH leader may now be over. The Family Research Council has already erased any mention of his being a co-founder along with Christian Right icon James Dobson. It's a wonder that he wasn't exposed earlier, but titles and employments can shield a man from scrutiny: here is a man whose curriculum vitae looks as if it were stuffed too full with pristine qualifications for any anti-gay and homophobic group not to salivate over. He has a doctorate in neuro-psychiatry, a Doctor of Divinity degree, a kind of "Dr. Phil" for confused teens (just look at his website), and has many book titles and papers under his name. True, some of his associations deserve a second look, (American College of Pediatricians may be bogus) but most of his connections have been beyond reproach.

Until now.

Now Dr. Rekers has taken his 10+ image and turned it into one of a man who (according to rent boy Geo) surrounds himself with barely legal boys for motives other than sound Christian ministering. Is he so stupid that he thinks people will fall for his I'm-just-like-Jesus-surrounding-myself-with-sinners take on the affair? How many ministers does he know who PAY for the privilege of ministering to hustlers?

And what will Geo do? Will he be able to stand the noteriety? Will he know how to handle all the salacious media requests? Will he be able to pull off a kind of Levi Johnston?

Massage, good times, Travel, escort for days, nights and weekends, My name's Geo. 20 year old, 5'9'', 130 pounds, 28'' waist size,8x6" UNCUT, VERSATILE, NICE ASS. Puerto Rican, fair/light-Skin, blond hair, blue eyes and athletic/muscular built. I'm a college guy, masculine, educated, really of the easy-going, great to get along with, can hold a conversation and passionate You could just say I love to have a good time. Very clean, professional, HIV and Disease FREE. For a sensual meet or companionship. Will do anything you say as long as you ask ;D Repeat encounters are always more exciting for me and make it more casual and comfortable for you as well. Call or text anytime. 

Dr. Rekers, how much DOES it cost for ten days with a barely legal, blond, hung, uncut, bisexual Puerto Rican who is happy to spank you and shove it up your gelatinous vile bigoted ass?
Good question. What would a good "vacation" with a rentboy cost? Someone of Lucien/Geo's caliber could be $300 for an evening. Hmmm...

Cost of rentboy for 10 days: $5000
Airfare: $2500
Accomodations in London: $3000
Sightseeing and eating out: $2500
Going to bed with someone 42 years younger than you: priceless.

And it was not the only time Rekers had traveled with "Julien." An email read: "I'd like to propose another trip to Rome, Italy, for a week or more."

Was his first trip to Rome before or after his "surgery"? Too many questions unanswered. Too many motives to consider. 

About the only thing that is certain at this point: three lives have been ruined. 

Just a thought.