Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's Time to Celebrate SEX! Celebrate Griswald v. Connecticut and Peace - of Mind! Celebrate Rubbers and The Pill!

Remember: If you're not careful, you could give birth to any one of these:

Then there's the problem of overpopulation:

Seriously, since today, in 1965 the Supreme Court ruled that contraception was legal, I think we should kick some Christofascist ass by celebrating! Tony Perkins of Family Research Council will probably be in mourning along with his superior, James Dobson, Benedict XVI and all of the anti-Planned Parenthood people, but the rest of us should celebrate. Because on this day in history women and men obtained freedom from the tyranny of the self-righteous.

"Sanctity of Life" should mean sanctity of the ENTIRE life and not just pre-birth. As my mother used to say, "If ya can't afford 'em, don't have 'em." I've always taken objection to the term "pro life," especially from people who vote for the death penalty. These people are pro birth. What happens to a child after it's born is no concern of theirs. Who, exactly, is going to pay the bill?

I have a very odd idea, but please hear me out on this one: I think pro-lifers, if they really believe that abortion should be illegal, if contraceptives should not be administered, and if they believe that abstinence-only programs should be in schools, they should check a small box on their tax returns:

I am pro-life advocate - please defer my tax returns to the department of Health, Education and Welfare.

Let's face it: some people are willing to kill for their beliefs. Wouldn't paying for them be less messy and much simpler?

And today, the "Abstinance Only" folks will be out in force with platitudes like this one:

You are like a beautiful rose.
Each time you engage in pre-marital sex,
A precious petal is stripped away.

Don't leave your future husband holding a bare stem.

How lovely! Women are plants. But men better have bare stems, 'cause if they're furry, sex would be messier than it already is! Or how about this billboard. How many normal American teenagers is this one going to persuade to abstain?


Now this platitude may be a bit extreme, but it holds more truth in the way religion in America is viewed:

Of course, the advertising for contraceptives can be almost as stupid:

But NOT using contraceptives these days means many more unwanted things other than pregnancy: STDs are very, very dangerous. Ask Africa. Ask any African missionary how successful their abstinence-only program is. Then ask the pharmaceutical companies just how much money they make on STD and AIDS drugs. The third world countries have it coming from all sides: no sex, pay up or die.

Do you think abstinence education works?

When are you going to stop laughing?

I personally think this is one of the best advertisements I've seen in a long time: