Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Warren, Spin, Iowa and Vermont

The Spin Will Make You Dizzy For A Long, Long Time!

Thus did the Iowa court -- as my colleague at the National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, said -- "misuse the law to impose an untruth on unwilling Iowans. Same-sex unions are not marriages, and Iowans should not be forced to treat them as such by law."

The Christian Right (aka "social conservatives" or "Christofascists) is scrambling to plaster over the state of Vermont with righteousness.

(, Maggie Gallagher)
The Democratic Party has now thrown its lot against the principles and priorities of the majority of Americans in favor of its richly endowed base of gay supporters. Democrats are the party of gay marriage -- a position opposed by 55 percent of the American people in the latest polls.

But the Vermont same-sex marriage bill was a breakthrough in another way which has received zero attention in the press. For the very first time, a legislature has formally acknowledged that gay marriage poses a serious threat to the religious liberties of Vermonters who disagree with the government's new definition of marriage.
"Richly endowed base" "party of gay marriage" "zero attention in the press" "poses a serious threat to religious liberties" Oh, brother! I have a feeling that the Christians vs Lions debate will be raging for some time. All of the above phrases are patently false, but the "threat to religious liberties" one piece of fiction Christofascists refuse to let go of. (Warning: I don't go for the "social conservatives" label. It's too late and too limp. Christians who scream "religious liberty" yet are totally intolerant of other religions are Christofascists).
Witness Rev. Rick Warren, who on "Larry King Live" this week came very close to recanting his support for Proposition 8. Rick did not quite do so. What he did, instead, is what many good people will do in the face of the massive campaign of intimidation and harassment designed to silence Christians and others of good will who support marriage: He dodged. Rick said, more or less: I am not now and never have been an anti-gay marriage "activist."
Warren also said "I never never endorsed Proposition 8" You can view here what Warren thinks is NOT an endorsement. He has a funny way of viewing things to suit his convenience.
Is Vermont the beginning of a new willingness on the part of the powerful gay-marriage movement to let Christians be Christians? Or is Rick Warren the future of Christians in America?
Letting true and sincere Christians be Christians is one thing. Letting Christians be Christofascist is another. And since Warren lied so boldly and vehemently, I can only hope Rick Warren is not the future of Christians in America.

If he is, God help us!