Friday, July 17, 2009

Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, Quinn and Rose, Laura Ingraham: Drug Addicts All

HATE Is Just Another Form Of Social Heroin

To truly appreciate hate in its purest form, listen to its dealers on radio. Of course, some of the dealers are on television, but radio is much, much more evocative. The disembodied voice sears into the listener's brain without the distraction of a face trying to humanize (therefore soften) the words. Hitler's captive audiences were not in any stadium, but sitting in the privacy of their own homes. Charles Coughlin knew that the sobriquet of "Father Charles Coughlin" bellowed by an announcer packed more of an anti-Semitic punch than any clerical collar could.

People's imaginations are sparked more by radio than television. Hate addicts on both sides of the microphone can conjure up vivid images in their brains, leaving reality hard pressed to come in second in the race for their minds.

What's it like to be a hate junkie? Pure hatred gives people a high of superiority, a short, but intense feeling of intelligence and an irrational thirst for blood. And like any other addiction, it craves regular feedings, a steady diet, if you will, of... hate. Most hate junkies lead mundane lives, eating, sleeping, and looking for their next fix. Most of the dealers, however, are additionally hooked on greed - greed for money, greed for power, greed for the sake of hate.

And to sate those appetites, the dealers look to the media. Where hate radio is king. The two pastiches below were compiled by Media Matters, a kind of watchdog group that monitors the antics of people in radio, television, print and internet. Listening to them, hate addicts are hooked on unsubstantiated, unreasoning and, some say, maniacal ideologies. You can poke fun at the bold stupidity of their statements, but you can't deny that their hatred is expounded in a way to incite junkies, to slander anyone, to create the "us vs. them" psychology that is so necessary for propagating hate.

The dealers in these two clips are: Rush Limbaugh (of course), Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, James Quinn, Mark Levin, Lee Rodgers and Michael Savage. This group of hate dealers are not insidious, they are not covert nor are they hiding behind anything. Instead, they boldly pummel, punch, stab, shoot and nuke their victims verbally and without the slightest bit of reason, research...or remorse.

It's sad. These addicts are beyond "Intervention." Hell, they're making too much money to talk to them about going clean and sober.