Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gays and Christofascists In The Battle Of Newsweek!

Lisa Miller Has A Lot Of Courage
And Now, A Lot Of Enemies

The Christofascists came out of the woodwork last week and are not going to let Lisa Miller, Newsweek's religion editor, keep her job, her integrity, nor her sanity.

SBC's Stith also denounced Hollywood's attempt to make biblical arguments. "Anyone who cares to spend thirty minutes of serious study would see the many flaws in Black’s argument," he said.
Unfortunately, 30 minutes is still 29 minutes too many for most American Christians. And Stith doesn't sound as if he's exactly a biblical textual critical or scholar either:

"On several occasions, sometimes with tears in my own eyes, I’ve said to people about actions in which they were involved, 'You know, this isn’t God’s best for you. He has something better if you’re willing to walk in obedience.' Does this make me a 'hater' or does it mean that I care about that person and genuinely believe that God knows what He’s talking about?" Stith posed.

It may not make him a hater, but it does make him an arrogant, insulting idiot. How dare he insinuate that what I am is sinful? Stith has the mind of a bullhorn-toting street preacher. "...with tears in my own eyes."? Gimme a break! Remember: Stith is part of the glorious Southern Baptist Convention, the same organization that believed AIDS was a disease sent to purge our society of demonspawn.

And it has never apologized for kicking people out of their homes while they were sick and dying. If the Convention's view of homosexuality is anything like its view of slavery, we'll get an apology 150 years from now.

If we're lucky.

Just a thought.

And just for fun, here's another clip from Prop 8 - The Musical

How Bush Killed Off The Fish

And The Wildlife And, Well, The Rest Of The Country

We've seen what George W. B**h has been doing to the environment in his "midnight" rulings, but few people know that he's been raping the environment for years. The stories below show that B**h, Republicans, big business all benefited from deregulation of everything concerning flora and fauna in the U.S.


A high-ranking Interior Department official tainted nearly every decision made on the protection of endangered species over five years, a new inspector general report finds, concluding she exerted improper political interference on many more rulings than previously thought.

Julie MacDonald, a former deputy assistant secretary overseeing the Fish and Wildlife Service, did pervasive harm to the department's morale and integrity and may have risked the well-being of species with her agenda, Interior Inspector General Earl Devaney said in his report out Monday.

Just what did MacDonald have to gain by harming fish and wildlife? Just what every loyal B**hite wanted: to advance the conservative agenda and to make money at it.

From Wikipedia:

MacDonald resigned on 1 May, 2007, one week before a House congressional oversight committee was to hold a hearing on the Inspector General's findings.

In November 2007, a followup report by the Inspector General found that MacDonald could have benefited financially from a decision to remove the Sacramento splittail fish from the federal endangered species list.

Detroit Free Press:
Although rarely front-page news, George Bush's eight years have been an ongoing exercise in gutting environmental protections.
And who benefits from all this gutting?

Raping the environment = B**h + Oil + Big Corporations