Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Rodeo Clown Comes (Ideologically) Home To Texas: Glenn Beck Will Live Deep In The Heart Of Right Wingnuts

Maybe He'll Help Spur On The Secession, 
Then Unite Texas To Israel!

For the past several years, the state of Texas has been booming with radical Right Wing ideologies and uber-Christian Right authority over previously secular things (e.g. school boards changing textbooks to reflect a more Christian nation). And with an event like governor Rick Perry's The Response, Texas has inflated itself beyond recognition. To some people, in fact, Texas now looks like a clown car ready to burst.

BLAM! Glenn Beck has just announced that he will moving his family and base of operations to ... Texas! The nation's self-described rodeo clown will join the ranks of Rick Perry and some very serious Wingnuts!
As it turns out, anyone who speculated that Beck might be headed somewhere in America's heartland—closer to the core tea party-ing audience that consumes his sometimes controversial ramblings with an apostolic zeal—was indeed correct. Beck confirmed on his daily radio program Monday that he, his family and part of his media empire are moving to Texas. He will open studios there for Mercury Radio Arts, the Manhattan-based production company behind both the radio show and his forthcoming Internet TV venture.
But wait, that's not all folks! As an added bonus, Beck has jokingly said to Governor Rick Perry that he might run for governor of the Lone Star State! That is, unless Perry decides to have Beck as his running mate on the Republican ticket!

OK, folks, let's be serious for a minute (it's hard, but we have to) and envision what Glenn Beck's move will mean to Texas and the rest of the country.

Glenn Beck will be neighbors with:

  • His protege,  pseudo-historian David Barton.  who has been vice-chairman of the Texas Republican Party and an evangelical advisor to the Republican National Committee. 
  • Fort Worth-based televangelist Ken Copeland. Copeland is also noted for his involvement in Oral Roberts University (his daughter, Terri, married the former Board Chairman of ORU, George Pearsons)
  • Pastor John Hagee of San Antonio. Remember Hagee as the "Whore of Babylon" pastor who put a sizable dent into John McCain's campaign.
  • Chuck Norris, of Walker, Texas Ranger fame and thoroughly Right Wing spokesperson for the NRA. Norris has always bolstered Beck's conspiracy theories and then there was this wonderful exchange: 
 GLENN: Americans will, they just, they won't stand for it. There will be parts of the country that will rise up. And they said, where's that going to come from? And I said Texas, it's going to come from Texas. Do you agree with that, Chuck, or not? NORRIS: Oh, yeah. You know, Texas is a republic, you know. We could actually --GLENN: It was a country before it was a state. NORRIS: Yeah, we could break off from the union if we wanted to. GLENN: You do, you call me. NORRIS: Oh, yeah.
  • Tea Party groups and affiliates. There are literally hundreds of Tea Party groups in Texas. 
  • James Robison, televangelist. Robison has brought together Christian Right leaders and politicians to secure the Presidency for a social conservative.
Although Beck will connect with Texas' top movers and shakers of Right Wing Religion and politics, perhaps it is the prevailing Texas state of mind that Beck will truly be comfortable with: anti-East Coast, gun-totin', Creationist, Southern Baptist, Libertarian isolationist.


What's up with Beck and Israel? Why? Is he trying to establish himself on an international scale? As what? Whatever the reason Glenn Beck has in visiting Israel, the pundit's recent address to the Knesset was pure schlock theater: the  "where you go, I will go" Ruth-to-Naomi" quote has been overused, but Beck made it totally pointless. It's in the latest video below. You expect him to cry at one point, but he didn't (no Vics VapoRub in Tel Aviv?). 

Jerusalem Post
Beck discussed his view on Israel's portrayal in the media in a speech peppered with jokes, in a room packed with MKs from six parties, media figures and onlookers.
The television and radio host was introduced by committee chairman MK Danny Danon (Likud) who said he is "glad to host a friend of the State of Israel."
"We see that your love for Israel comes from your heart; you support Israel unconditionally," Danon said. "We wish we had more people like you."
He ostensibly came to Israel to announce his future rally for Israel, but his approach was too Beckian to limit his visit to mere promotion of an event. It was to promote Glenn Beck, of course, but why? It's puzzling and Beck likes it that way. 

If it wasn't, he wouldn't need a chalk board to explain it.