Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bush's Last Stand

He Always Wanted To Wear A White Hat
And Lead The Cavalry In A Charge.

He did.

He lost.

Last night, President George W. Bush gave what many consider his farewell speech. We should only hope. He entered the presidency with hubris enough to choke the nation. And it did. He is leaving it in shambles. His reputation goes beyond "the worst president ever." People all over the world deride him as a clown who thinks he's a leader and "decider."

People saw how hungry he was for a war. Any war. People saw how his administration handled natural disasters. People saw how he pandered to big business and deregulated everything in sight. People saw his avarice for oil and its protection. People saw him as a plunderer and torturer. People saw how he moralized about "marriage." People saw his hypocrisy.

But many Americans never really saw him.
How sad for America.
How sad for us all.


We don't need you any more. We never did.

Say goodnight, George.