Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Coulter-Malkin Conspiracy!

Discredit Every Liberal We Can Lay Hands On!

This past week, both Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin talked about a question put forth by Lynn Sweet of Politics to President Obama during his last press conference. They both stated that they KNEW the question was given to the President before the presser. Now they have to take back what they said. Or do they?

Lynn Sweet's RESPONSE:
Ann, Michelle, can we get a beer on this? I'll pay. I'll take an Amstel Light. What are your brews? Because gals, you need to look elsewhere for a new conspiracy. Coulter said on FOX News that Obama "had that question planted." She added, "I do have proof." On NBC's "Today Show" on Wednesday morning, host Matt Lauer, asked Malkin, "Do you think this was a planned question?" Replied Malkin, "Absolutely do."

The full retort:
I wrote a column about how and why I asked the question because I received many queries from readers and viewers. I wrote what I thought were simple, declarative sentences: "No one asked me -- directly or indirectly -- about what I may be asking. No one from the White House tried to plant any question."
The idea that the Obama media machine would try to plant that question -- or any question-- with me is nutty. If they had, my story would have been about their effort to plant a question. And again, why would they have even tried to orchestrate such an off-message query? By the time Coulter and Malkin spoke with such certainty, I had already said that Obama did not have a clue about what I would be asking.
But some right-wingers think that Lynn Sweet is lying. Check out the comments like the one below at
Sweet doth protesteth too much. Lots of meandering words. Zero credibility.
Some of them assumed she was lying simply because they surmised she is a liberal. However, two days after the allegations, both Coulter (who said she has proof) and Malkin (who thinks she doesn't need any) have not come up with rebuttals. They themselves have not called Lynn Sweet as liar.

Which of the three has "zero credibility?"

Let me guess.

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