Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rick Warren's "Gay Friends"?? Come Out! Come Out! Wherever You Are!

Just had to get this in tonight:

Rick Warren on Larry King. I caught a snippet (Yes, I will view the whole program tomorrow!). King was asking him about the Iowa Supreme Court Decision on gay marriage.

Did Warren say what I heard him say? Re: Prop 8: "I sent letters apologizing to my gay friends."


"I know gay leaders who know me a know that I would NEVER say things like homosexuality is the same as pedophilia and bestiality."


We may not be able to point to the spot where that statement was EDITED OUT OF YOUR WEBSITE, but it WAS THERE!!

His bad dye job must have affected his brain!

WHAT GAY FRIENDS? WHAT GAY LEADERS? LET'S HAVE SOME PROOF, WARREN! And for God's sake, don't hire the awful actors the Mormon Church got for their Utah Boys Ranch commercials!

O.K., rant over and out.

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