Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Does Her Witch-Hunter Say?

Maybe The Devil Made Her Do It! Quick Get An Exorcist!

Some people do crazy things to stay in the limelight, but cutting off your nose to spite your face is very stupid.

"I'm a fighter. I LOVE a challenge." Oh, right. She quit because...ah, she's thinking about Alaska! Too bad most of Alaska didn't feel that kind of concern from its governor for over a year. And when you give a press conference while looking as if you're on speed, then your REALLY stupid.

One pundit called her "brilliant." Being a non-governor for a year, then quitting before your term is up is not "brilliant." It's suspicious. It's grandstanding. It's insulting (to Alaska, a sort of in-your-face "F*ck You!.") It's cowardly.

It's Palin.

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