Monday, September 1, 2008

Cindy McCain Exposed!!!

O.K. I'm guilty in the hypocrisy department. I rant against trashy tabloids and their headings, but I couldn't pass up this chance.

Yesterday I went to a street fair (The Harrison Street Fair) in the South of Market area of San Francisco. Some of the hottest looking guys in San Francisco were there partying with some of the hottest looking Labor Day out-of-towners. It was a rather small group as most street fairs go (about 2500). I noticed that Budweiser had a booth (I think they sponsored the event, but I'm not sure), and being a beer kind of guy, I went to the booth and ordered a large draft. I gave the guy $5.

"No, sir, that will be $8."

I shelled it out. Then I thought EIGHT DOLLARS!!! For ten, I could've gone to a beer bust on the same street and that would have included unlimited beer, a hot dog and a leering look from the bartender. Eight Dollars!

My mind raced back to all the years I knew gay bars were selling Budweiser. How many BILLIONS of gallons had been purchased by men like these around the country in the past, say, 35 years? Then I thought of Cindy McCain. Does she have any links with Budweiser now? Technically, I don't think so. But spanning 35 years, I realized that a great deal of her wealth rested on the purchase power of these guys. So where was she? Had she ever thanked us for drinking Bud? I certainly doubt it.

Cindy was, of course, on a mission of mercy in the Republic of Georgia. Her list of philanthropies is ten miles long, but mercy missions can be had all over the globe all the time - chances of thanking people for being able to wear Chanel, however, don't always come along every day. Of course, it would mean mingling with a lot of hirsute, sweaty, muscled guys, but gratitude is gratitude. Then, of course, the public would be scandalized. So, here's my take on Cindy McCain's absence at the Harrison Street Fair:

Just a thought.