Tuesday, September 2, 2008

God's Ambulence Chasers: They must Be Sooo Disapppointed!

"Waddaya Mean These Aren't Playboys?"

In an article several years ago, I called Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell "God's Ambulance Chasers." You see, while sending over food and clothing to victims of the horrible Asian Tsunami, Jerry Falwell also sent 600,000 tracts of Christian/Bible literature. The Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims were (rightfully) insulted and said "thanks, but no thanks." ("And you can keep the Spam too!") And after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Pat Robertson ordered 40,000 copies of Bibles to be distributed to Katrina's victims.

So, with the anticipation of Hurricane Gustav, you could almost see the glowing righteousness flowing through their veins!

How disappointed they must be that Gustav didn't do that much damage to sinful New Orleans! Can they stop Kinko's from printing up all of those "We Told You So!" fliers?

"Let'sTake shelter just in case Pat Robertson
decides to rain Bibles again!

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