Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mrs. Mooseburger, Pt 1: Palin and the Christofascists

"...And the Blind Shall See!"
Don't bet on it!

But Maybe the Ear Can Hear? Don't bet on that either. The response from the Christian Right about John McCain's pick for VP has been so enthusiastic and so deafening, that some of the other points vetted about her seem to have faded into the distant ether. Sound-wise, here's what their reaction might be likened to:

From whispers to screams:

Did Sarah Palin support Senator Ted Stevens when he was indicted? ("sssshhh...yes")
Did Sarah Palin support the building of "The Bridge to Nowhere?" ("ssshhh...yes")
Does Sarah Palin have an unmarried pregnant teenage daughter? ("sssshhh...yes")
Is Sarah Palin against the war in Iraq? ("sssshhh...yes")
Was Sarah Palin part of a 527 group created by Ted Stevens for his campaign? ("sssshhh...yes")
Did John McCain call for the eradication of 527 groups? ("sssshhh...yes")
Did Sarah Palin say she didn't think global warming was man-made? ("sssshhh...yes")
Does Sarah Palin support the NRA as a lifetime member? "YES!!"
Is Sarah Palin against abortion? "YES!!"
Is Sarah Palin against same-sex marriage? "YES!!"
Is Sarah Palin a woman? "YES!!!"

And the way other people see it?

"This is the choice of [James] Dobson, [Pat] Robertson and [Rush] Limbaugh," said Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., on CNN's Late Edition. "This is a real sop to the extreme conservative elements of the Republican Party."

April MacIntyre Aug 30, 2008, 15:53 GMT People:

Sarah Palin: God, guns and grit

McCain's decision to throw a bone to the Evangelicals with the selection of Palin has worked, so far the religious right, for whom the issues of abortion and gay rights supercede economics and education concerns, are seemingly happy with his decision.

And if the blind COULD see, well...

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