Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fairies Have Rights Too!!

People Just Don't Know
What They Need!

What they need is for people to respect them and have a certain amount of tolerance for the FAERIE Lifestyle (e.g. "faerie" is the actual spelling). They are dangerously in need of tiny niches in gardens to set up "portals". So many spaces considered useless are left untended while they could serve as entrances/exits to and from the Faerie Dimension. I did one for them in my backyard (pictured at right) and it's been a delight, especially once I got over my faeriephobia. And building one is not difficult: I'm NOT a gardener, but through experimentation, talks with my local nursery and lots of luck, I was able to give them something fairly livable. Anyway, they seem to like it. It's even been entered in a "Beautiful Garden " contest sponsored by the local nursery. If you want to vote for it, you can click here (it's entry #14). It's one way to show faeries that you support more portals like this one. If you want to know how to build one, email me at It's also a great way to get children interested in Faerie Heritage and gardening!

And remember, some of my best friends are faeries (although they use the alternative spelling sometimes), so show your love and support by voting for more portals today!

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