Friday, March 27, 2009

The Republican Budget Was Drawn Up By Sarah Palin!

It's The Budget To Nowhere!

It's the "Thanks But No Thanks" Budget!

Either way, no Republican was thinking clearly when they "unveiled" their "budget." (Yeah, I'm using quotation marks as liberally as Tony Perkins!). However, the blue folder that was held up had twenty pages of polemic rhetoric and NO NUMBERS! None at all! It was a slap in the face of the present administration saying "You chided us for not having a plan! Here's what we think of your plan!" ("Oh, a we'll roll out the numbers in, a week or so"). The Party of No now includes The Party of No Budget as well as the Party of No Ideas.

It's also a slight to President Obama: a guy who's been working day and night, not merely "outlining" a budget, but presenting concrete dollars and cents. Forcing him to "work with us" on a mere outline is insulting to Obama as well as the American people. Obama's budget would be $3.55 trillion. Sounds like an unfathomable amount of money, but the chart below (our last post) shows how much the budget was for 2007: $2.7 trillion, with a big chunk going to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. AND $243 billion in DEBT INTEREST.

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