Friday, March 27, 2009

COMING SOON: Jesus Christ! Now THAT'S Entertainment!

It's Blasphemous! It's Christofascist! iT'S Sooo American!

America Has Made a Religion Out of Entertainment...
And An Entertainment Out of Religion

This next week, we'll be looking at what really counts as entertainment in this country: religion! More specifically, American Christian religion - what it has shown us this past century and what we can expect. No, this is no Religulous. I don't have the money nor the wit of Bill Maher. Religulous, quite frankly, didn't tell us anything we already know. I'm proposing a kind of montage of what America has done to religion and with religion - and what religion has done to America.


Anonymous said...

you will be judged for that one day you know that but jesus can forgive you from THAT AND SAVE YOUR SOUL AND YOU CAN GO TO HEVAN AND NOT GO TO HELL THE CHOICE IDS UP TO YOU

Anonymous said...

whoever u may be i don't care.. but one day u'll stand before the throne of god .that time u can't do anything .only one person can be a winner man that s only jesus...devil is always looser looser looser man..