Friday, March 27, 2009

The Federal Budget: WTF Numbers

Again: The following graphs prove why the letters "W" "T" and "F" were invented. These may be the comparisons Republicans don't want you to read:

The DOUBLING of our national debt was in 2008. And it obviously took a lot of effort to get it to the trillion-dollar mark. When Bush took office in 2001, he inherited billions in windfall. By the end of his tenure, our deficit was $450 billion and our debt was above $1 trillion. In 2007 our interest payments (still due and mounting) were $243 billion. OUR INTEREST!!

Who was borrowing all of that money? Who had wars to pay for? Who gave only 3% of the budget to education: the real insult being the kick in the rear to kids - "No Child Left Behind" wound up to be "No Child's Behind Left!"

In fact, the government, OUR government looked exactly like some homeowners the Republicans have been railing about: borrowing well above their means. And what did our government borrow the money for?

War. A preemptive war. A preemptive war based on ... nothing (or at best, wishful thinking). A preemptive war based on nothing and lasting longer than any other wars in American history.

The Republicans (and Rush Limbaugh) want to destroy President Obama and send him back to Chicago in humiliation.

But for what he has done in such little time, what he has already gone through and what he has to face, he should be awarded a medal.

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