Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fox To The Right Pt 1: VP Shine's "We Hate Obama!"

And It All Started With A Lapel Pin!

Fox News Declares itself the Voice of Opposition to Obama
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During an interview with NPR today the senior vice president for programming at Fox News, Bill Shine called his network the voice of opposition to the Obama administration. So much for the fair and balanced slogan, but at least FNC is now being honest about its intentions.

...NPR’s David Folkenflik points out that FNC’s ratings are up since the election of Obama. In terms of ratings, Fox is way ahead of CNN and MSNBC.

A Pew Research survey done last year found that MSNBC and CNN split the Democratic viewership. Fifty one percent of CNN’s viewers are Democrats, and 45% of MSNBC viewers are Democrats. Only 18% of viewers on each of these two networks are Republicans.

As a business strategy, declaring themselves the voice of opposition to Obama is smart. If anything it will push their ratings even higher among Republicans. At least maybe FNC will stop pretending that are an objective network.

Fox News has never pretended that they were "fair and balanced" as far as their "News" was concerned. Reporting on the wearing of a lapel pin as the campaign set off, liberal Alan Colmes (who gave up his stint on "Hannity and Colmes" presumably because he couldn't stand Hannity or Fox's tilt far to the right) points out how ridiculous and hypocritical it is for anti-Obama people even to be discussing something like the lack of a flag lapel pin. (Watch it below).

Now Shine did say "Obama administration policies", but we all know that the emnity will be towards Obama himself, his staff, his advisors, his Cabinet and, yes, even his family. Fox will interview Ann Coulter(geist) countless times about her takes on Michelle Obama's style, charisma, etc. Bill O'Reilly will now be able to call out Obama with slightly racist undertones because he knows he won't be fired. No matter what success the Obama administration meets with, it will be "Nobama" all the way with Fox. There will not be one positive thing mentioned about the President.

As I've said before, Fox "News" is not journalism. It is Hearst "You-provide-the-pictures-I'll-provide-the-war" journalism. The problem with that kind of power, as Hearst himself proved, becomes toxic and, eventually, irrelevent.

Now, the problem is, how long will the American public be subjected to "Faux News"? And what will it take to make us all sick of "Obamattacks"? Malia and Natasha better be shipped off to an "undisclosed location" for at least four years.

Just a thought.

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