Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jindal and The Ideology of Preemptive Strikes

Well, Republicans Really DO Believe In

As someone much wiser than I once said: "This is why the letters "W" "T" and "F" were invented:

La. Gov. Jindal urges GOP to stand up to Obama

WASHINGTON – Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal again found himself carrying the Republican mantle opposite a primetime appearance from President Barack Obama on Tuesday, saying Republicans must be ready to defy the president when they disagree with his policies. He also joked about his widely panned response to Obama's address to Congress last month.

"We are now in the position of being the loyal opposition," Jindal said at a Republican congressional fundraising dinner that only by coincidence fell on the same night as Obama's news conference. "The right question to ask is not if we want the president to fail or succeed, but whether we want America to succeed."

But NOT if we want Republicans to succeed, evidently. Just who's idea was it to have Jindal make his "preemptive" speech anyway? Is the Republican party so bent on destroying Obama that they will lose all reason at picking a spokesperson? Couldn't they have waited a little while (like a year or two).

Right now, all the Republicans seem to have is VENGEANCE; no economic crisis plan, no plans for foreign policy (unless "shoot everything that moves" is a plan), no plan for distressed homeowners, no plan for the unemployed or the uninsured.

Just pure vengeance.

And right now, all the Republicans are actually offering is:


Just a thought.

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