Thursday, February 12, 2009

Celebrate Darwin Today! You've Evolved! Creationists: Get Over It!

Celebrate One of the World's Greatest Scientists
And The Time We All Discovered Evolution

Well, not ALL of us. Look at the chart below.

The latest Gallup poll concerning evolution shows that only 39% of Americans believe in evolution while 36% have no opinion either way! But look at it this way: Creationists are stuck with a score lower than they would like to see: lower than believers of evolution and lower than the ambivalent. They have 75% of Americans to convert! And in very little time since Armageddon is just around the corner!

O.K., so let's celebrate Darwin's big day by showing good ole' American entertainment: some a little drama, and a LOT of comedy!

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goprairie said...

i haven't been here in a loooooonnnnggg time - you make me think too hard! but i wanted to see how you handled the bday! i know how my fundie pal handled it and 'not well' is the answer.
the 39% who don't know or don't care represents the sad fact that what people were taught in science class had been eroded by nonsense. thse kooks use scientific terms and it erodes the confidence of people who should know better. and the other factor is the wording - many many christians and muslims hae worked it out in their head that god created things VIA evolution so they are not sure what crationist means so they say I don't know. inaccurate survey because the terms are too sloppy for most people.