Thursday, February 12, 2009

Darwin Day: What Will The Creation Museum do?

As Expected: One Very Stupid Lecture by
One Not-Very-Qualified Lecturer

Thursday, February 12
"Darwin: His Life" with Dr. Tommy Mitchell


Creation Museum,
2800 Bullittsburg Church Road,
Petersburg, KY 41080 (map)

: Darwin: His Life

This presentation shares the story of the life of Charles Darwin. What did Darwin believe about God? How did the events of his life shape his understanding of the world? What led him to reject the history and teachings of the Bible? Did the death of his beloved daughter, Anne, destroy Darwin’s concept of a loving God? You will identify with the struggles faced by this man, and you will walk away equipped to answer the question of "death & suffering" for others! Dr. Mitchell received his major in Cell Biology and a minor in Biochemistry from the University of Tennessee along with as well as a medical degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Dr. Tommy Mitchell is a medical internist and a dynamic lecturer. To learn more about Dr. Mitchell please visit: This event is free with paid museum admission or Museum membership.

The Creation Museum as you well know, is that hellishly insulting pile of bile and animatronics people are laughing at. It's not really PC to laugh at someone's beliefs, but this one demands an all-out assault of laughter. Scientists (legitimate ones, that is) are calling the museum's philosophy "Yabba Dabba Science." When you pay to see the animatronic dinosaurs interacting with Adam and Eve you either have to be a brain dead believer or someone desperately in need of a good laugh.

"Young-Earthers," as most of the production and promotion staff are called, escort guests through the museum with sanctity and awe. They might all be "Flat Earthers" as well, but that's an entirely different Christian sect and (I believe) have their own museum. It looks like earth, but flat.

Most scientists think the museum is a flat-out insult to science and are extremely afraid that children will be taught that the Grand Canyon really was created by the Great Flood of Noah's time. "Do you want your children to be ridiculed and probably scarred for life because you and your pastor think you're right?"

Yes, the Creation Museum is an insult to intelligence, but where else can you imagine Jesus with a little dinosaur cradled in his arms?

Oh Brother! Just a thought!

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