Friday, February 13, 2009

And He Still Keeps on Making Us Laugh!

(From: Think Progress)

Former White House chief of staff Andy Card said today that President Bush may jump into social networking, as he is “very technologically connected to the world.” When Politico asked if Bush would join Facebook and Twitter, Card left the door open, saying, “I don’t know that he’ll invite me to be his friend on Facebook.” Watch it:

A good start for Bush would be to figure out how to use “the Google” first.

What a card that Andy is! "Technologically connected to the world!" LOLOLOL! Oh well, anything's possible, I guess. The question is: does the world want to be technologically connected to George W. Bush? I think not. He could be a very lonely clown out there in cyberspace.

I don't think he'll even get spam!

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