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Little General Michele Is Skipping Gleefully To The Gallows - And Her Mighty Militiamen May Just Give Her Enough Rope

The Men Who Are Crazy About Bachmann May Be Just As Crazy Themselves

(Author's note: Yes, this is the most linked article I've ever done bar none, on a subject that, by now, people have been bombarded with ad nauseum, but if you follow those links, I guarantee you'll find out some things about Michele Bachmann and her supporters in a different perspective - some of them are hilarious, some are outlandish, but all are extremely revealing)


Everyone knows that California loves its crazies: San Francisco once honored a man who said he was the Emperor of The United States and Protector of Mexico.* Now Iowa has followed suit in having honored Michele Bachmann. There is, however, a big difference between California's penchant for lunatics and Iowa's: California's crazies have always been more benign.**

Michele Bachmann's delusions are toxic and she doesn't seem to know it ... or care. It's as if she lives in her own fantasy world of Bachmann reasoning, Bachmann morality, Bachmann patriotism. Facts and figures are fun playthings at her disposal and she has a wonderful time flinging them about. And while interviewers scratch their heads and say "Huh?", she skips along her merry way sing-songing "I'm right! I'm right! I'm right!" And she sidesteps gaffs with a "ho hum" attitude that is infuriating, like an obnoxious, waaay too perky little girl, a deranged Shirley Temple you'd most likely strangle if given the chance.

Of course, she might do the dirty deed for us - if the men in her campaign give her enough rope. And many of them look crazy enough to do just that.

For instance, Sean Hannity has proven to be the one pundit that Bachmann can count on to help pull her out of tight spots on her Good Ship Folly Pop: as a Fox minion, he dutifully slammed Obama while giving her a pass about the now-famous Gacy Gaffe. He even let her slide into one of her favorite Bachmannisms: "the point is..." Neither Chris Matthews nor Anderson Cooper would ever let her get away with such sidestepping.*** Continuing with the "liberal media assault" on Bachmann, Hannity leveled his sights on Alec Baldwin's tweet about Bachmann and brought in Ann Coulter(geist) to ride shotgun (see video). That might not have saved Hannity a room at the local asylum, but we are talking about a "journalist" who's first big attack on Obama was "Dijon-gate."

Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) has always returned the favor Mrs. Bachmann did for him by pointing out how she has been a champion for family values and the FRC. And, fortunately, Bachmann has never addressed the issue of the FRC being named a hate group for its anti-gay propaganda by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Such loyalty is to be admired.

Bryan Fischer (American Family Association) gave Bachmann the first boost to her campaign when he interviewed her last March, so it's no surprise that he ran to her defense amidst the "liberal" laughter created by the Gacy gaffe:
So liberals, by going out of their way to snarkily remind us of John Wayne Gacy, are inadvertently reminding us of the clear connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, which isn’t the smartest thing they’ve ever done.

Other people in Michele Militia of supporters are:

- Supreme homophobe and "minister" chastised for his prayer in the House of Representatives, Bradlee Dean

- Pseudo Historian and Glenn Beck protege David Barton

- Muckraker Andrew Breitbart

- Creationist Politicians and Alarmists Anthony and Julie Quist

- America's Most Wanted Bobby Thompson

- The convicted scam artist Frank Vetters (about which more should be revealed in several weeks)

- Former Bachmann campaign managed Bill Pulkrabek recently arrested for assault on his wife.

- None Dare Call It Treason author and John Bircher John A. Stormer

- Malpractice-embattled physician and Minnesota Republican Party heavyweight Robert Tatreau

Of course, Mrs. Bachmann is also the darling of gun-totin' men everywhere. And Pat Robertson thinks she's "articulate and reasonable."

But none in her stable of stalwarts can compare to Mr. Marcus Bachmann.

The Marcus Bachmann "Bondage And Discipline
" Clinic             

Dr. Marcus Bachmann's life as a stalwart supporter has just started to unfold before the public: even with a voice characterized as being between Paul Lynde and Liberace, coupled with an immutable Christian Right ideology, his large countenance has never overshadowed his spouse. He has portrayed himself as her "strategist" along with their son, Lucas. His clinical practice, Bachmann and Associates
".... advertises “Christian counseling,” and as a “personal mission statement,” he writes, “I believe my call is to minister to the needs of people in a practical, effective, and sensitive way. Christ is the Almighty Counselor.” His focus in part reflects his training, which included a master’s degree at Regent University, the Virginia institution founded by Pat Robertson**** - The Daily Beast
Bachmann is critical of today's psychologists, saying that they focus too much on a patient's feelings rather than instructing them "on the right path." In essence, he looks upon his practice as more of a ministry.

While his clinic has been characterized as a "pray away the gay" venue for his patients, it may be more accurate to say that Bachmann looks upon "discipline" as a method of "reparative therapy."

Both Bachmanns have been outspoken opponents of same-sex marriage since 2000.

Will Anyone Put The Brakes On?

From her Scandal in Scandia (a bizarre account of her being accosted by potentially violent lesbians in a bathroom) to her comments of slitting wrists and becoming armed and dangerous, Bachmann has run the gamut of pointlessness from A to Z. Researching her comments, antics and convoluted reasoning is an unending task, but you can see the top 30 highlights HERE with links to all the appropriate media and actual quotations.

The question is whether or not her men will allow her to become knee-deep in gaffes, skewed reasoning, contradictions and sidestepping issues. Reining her in now would be the prudent thing to do, but then today's Republican/Tea Party is too drunk with power to do anything so reasonable. And Marcus Bachmann seems even more unreasonable than the rest.

* Emperor Norton.

In what can be categorized as the world's most famous canine funeral, Norton's beloved dog, Lazarus, was laid to rest in neighboring Colma, CA amidst a throng of 10,000 people in 1862. The people of San Francisco loved and respected Norton I that much.
** Jim Jones and Charles Manson excepted. The problem with political lunatics is that they sometimes cause more harm than cult leaders and murderers combined. 

*** Check out Anderson Cooper's latest foray in the subject of farm subsidies. He is, in fact, like a dog with a bone.

****Interestingly enough, Bachmann's Ph.D is from Union Institute and University whose doctoral program is so nebulous and bland that an address as "Dr." is questionable.

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