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The Most Violent Rhetoric Is Upon Us: An Analysis Of Rev. Lou Sheldon's Latest Rant

His Word(les) says it all!

Though victory against such an evil onslaught will never come easy, it will also never come until the church awakes from her slumber and becomes the visible expression of Jesus Christ, raised from the dead in the power of the Holy Spirit, in this fallen world. The homosexual agenda will never be defeated by mere laws. This war will only be won by a church awakened and determined to stand for the righteousness of God. It is my hope and fervent prayer that, before it’s too late and the agenda of death and destruction has overcome us utterly, God’s people will rise. (emphasis mine)
Rev. Lou Sheldon - from A Gay (Domi)Nation in Charisma Magazine - July 2, 2011

There comes a time when even vitriol gets tedious, but that doesn't mean we should dismiss it. What we need to do is pay more attention to it so that our guard is not let down in the least.  

Rev. Lou Sheldon's rhetoric is a case in point: it can slip by as just another mindless, lying rant, but by analysis, the INTENSITY of the rant can be seen. For example: if the "homosexual agenda" will not be defeated by laws, how then, will it be defeated? By Prayer? Bullsh*t. He never states that. What about his context? Go ahead, you can view all of Rev. Lou Sheldon's diatribe HERE. With rhetoric so venomous, it falls just below Hitler's for the Jews, Sheldon manages to pack in deadly words and phrases which could only be described as the worst of  pulpit hate speech. 

Now, Sheldon has been around so long that he's practically hidden among the groups of Right-wing Christians now demanding the spotlight*, but he's still there. He justifies the point many people make when they say that the Christian Right is getting more violent (and hence, more deadly) in its rhetoric. 

Of course, he brings out the old talking points:

Hollywood is the BIG enabler
Homosexual activists want to FORCE acceptance and legitimization
The Homosexual agenda is sinister and part of it is that they want to control the worldview.
The book, After the Ball, is really an outline of their "game plan."
People are "trapped in the homosexual lifestyle"
Homosexuals are not born gay

Writing That Makes Moot 

Then Sheldon comes up with the classic line:
Let me be quick to say that I do not hate homosexuals.
Unfortunately, this line comes about two thirds of the way  into the piece, so it is hardly "quick" about anything. He talks about "evil" homosexuals, then says he doesn't hate them! It would be hysterical if it weren't so ubiquitous to the Christian Right argument and so utterly lame. After leveling a diatribe against gays, the possibility of Sheldon's NOT hating gays is rendered moot.
d just as horrific are the phrases he uses:

Homosexuals say they want the right to get married and live normal lives just like heterosexual couples, but this is a lie. On the surface, marriage seems like such a natural and innocent request. Who could argue with that? But that’s another part of the homosexuals’ campaign of deception. What they actually want is to force same-sex marriage on America as part of a much larger strategy for destroying the concept of marriage altogether.
There is nothing benign here, no reasonable disagreementno respect for the opinions or moral reservations of those who have expressed concern for the dismantling of our culture. Rather, what’s being presented here is a plan for combat and the conquest of a nation.
Let's Get Literal

I went to and created a piece based on the words most often written in his little homily. In a very real sense, it came out classic (just click on the thumbprint wordle to read it all):

Of the 2789 words, 798 are common words (left out of the wordle) and the most prominent are the most pejorative:  Homosexual - homosexuality - agenda - marriage (same-sex) - lifestyle - evil - activists. Look for the word "love" in the wordle  - you won't find it - it was only mentioned once.

All this is "picky" you say? Of course it is, because only in the details of a bigot's speech can we see the true picture. And yes, it can be said of pro-gay speech as well, but the INTENSITY of Sheldon's rhetoric is really what causes one to pause and consider. 

What May Follow

It should be pointed out that the audiences for hate speech can be different: people predisposed to hate are more liable to "take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing, end them."* And while there have been relatively few attacks (mostly vandalism) on churches by the homosexual community, they pale in comparison to the hate crimes committed against gays in the past decade: people have lost their lives. Read the entirety of Sheldon's missive and underline the most powerful words and phrases. Read it again. Then again. 

Now think of two words:
righteous assassination. 

Wordle: Lou Sheldon's Bigotry
* Bryan Fischer, Lou Engle et al.
**Admittedly a reversal of Shakespeare

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