Wednesday, June 10, 2009

God Save Us FROM Religion! - Newt Gingrich and Christofascism On The March

Behold: This Is Dangerous Sh*t!

While cruising the net for items about New Gingrich's "surrounded by paganism" speech, I stumbled upon Lou Engle and The Call. Some of you may have experienced his chilling call for blood in regards to abortion, homosexuality, etc. Watch the two videos and decide if the speech is incendiary. Decide if it portrays God's lust for blood. Decide if The Call is attractive enough for young people to follow it, no matter what the protestations of friends and family are.

The subliminal messaging in The Call is not as subliminal as it thinks. Lou Engles' raspy voice is more demonic than angelic and it is this approach which may be attractive to susceptible youth (read: uneducated - or undereducated kids).

From TheCall website:
We consequence of his disobedience, Adam's posterity are born subject to both imputed and inherent sin, and are therefore by nature and choice the children of wrath, justly condemned in the sight of God, wholly unable to save themselves or to contribute in any way to their acceptance with God. [Genesis 1–3; Psalm 51:5; Isaiah 53:5; Romans 3:9–18 and 5:12–21; Ephesians 2:1–3]
In other words, because of Adam's sin, we're born with Original Sin and are PREDISPOSED to sin. Engles hates humanity. And he wants everyone else to hate humanity and themselves because God hates humanity. That's the equivalent of Ann Coulter(geist) saying that the children of single mothers eventually wind up as criminals (yes, she said it on The View)

And here's the snake oil:
In the midst of an “entertainment” driven society, TheCall does not seek to entertain, but to encounter God. Unlike other mass gatherings which attract people through the rhythms of loud music, the glamour of flashing lights, or through the appeal of charismatic personalities, TheCall is a gathering centered around the affections of a loving God. There will be no bands and no advertisedpromoted speakers, as our purpose is not to promote any man or ministry.
This is, of course, a totally disingenuous statement: a gathering of people is, in itself, entertainment. People do not congregate with the express purpose of being bored. They come to see and be seen. They come for the kind of validity only personal contact can give them and know that personal contact will be an entertaining experience. This "we're just fasting and praying" is followed-up with:
Though many of the worship leaders and speakers are well known, TheCall does not publicize who will be on stage during the day, but instead trusts that people will come because they want to encounter God and represent the Church in our nation before the Lord in prayer.
That's the same as a poster for an event that's tagged with "and special celebrity guests." The fact that they say "many of the worship leaders and speakers are well known" gives weight to the event. Who wants to go to an event where the leaders will be nobodies? Who wants to go to an event where you'll hear people who are totally uncharismatic? What's the point?
TheCall gatherings are free-of-charge and nothing is sold on the day since it is an assembly holy unto the Lord. We sell no products at all to raise finances but rely completely on donations.
But if you attend, you'll hear a lot of calls for donations. This is practically "bait 'n switch."

Lou Engles supports Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich supports Lou Engles. Christofascists hang tight.

Just a thought.

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