Thursday, June 11, 2009

Town Hall "Millionaire Patriot" Ad Hawking Handgun Course The Day Of Holocaust Museum Shooting

They Should Have Pulled The Ad - But They Didn't

There is something to be said for the irony of a handgun training course advertisement the day an infamous old white supremicist descides to let loose at the Holocaust Museum. While I'm sure right-wing didn't plan to run the ad yesterday with anything malevolent in mind, you have to wonder at the mindset of its editors.

And the mindset of its readers.

The "Millionaire Patriot" ad is more red (state) than white and blue when you realize where "Dr." Piazza's testimonials come from: the NRA (naturally), The Second Amendment Foundation, The US Concealed Carry Association,, The NRA Institute for Legislative Action and a former S.W.A.T. commander to name a few.

Take advantage of Dr. Piazza's patriotism before the course he set aside for you is gone!

Get your 30 Gun Training Reports and Front Sight DVD at no charge!

Go to: and take advantage of the Millionaire Patriot’s mission to train America!

(As you can imagine, even a Millionaire Patriot has financial limits, so grab this today.)

Some people might not take this ad seriously (especially with the logo's "Front Sight Challenge" graphics ripped off from "Charlie's Angels").

Then again...


Anonymous said...

If any of the staff at the Holocaust museum had had the training offered by Dr. Piazza, there would have been no shooting, or the shooter would have been shot before he could murder innocents.

Dr. Piazza's Front Sight training teaches regular citizens who have passed a bckground check how to place two rounds in the head, within 1.5 seconds of determining that there is a life-threatening situation like the one at the Holocaust Museum.

Front Sight training is not for right wing lunatics, as you suggest. It is for every law-abiding citizen of the US, exercising the freedom to carry a weapon granted by the 2nd Amendment.

Ask any of the tens of thousands of people who have actually trained at Front Sight over the last ten years what they think of the training they received.

BTW, the ad to which you took exception is displayed by Google AdSense. It is placed on the Town Hall site by Google's Adsense display algorithm. I doubt Town Hall or Ignatius Piazza had any idea the ad was displaying....

DFV said...


First of all, the ad was delivered to my email with no suggestion that it was placed by Google Adsense the address and sender were:
Secondly, one of Dr. Piazza's testimonials is from the head of a CONCEALED weapons association. This is reprehensible. Add it to the testimonials by people from the NRA as well as other right-wing groups, what you have is NOT a group of people wanting defense, but a group of people expecting a large-scale fight. Bo Grietz would love it, but not many others.