Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frank Schaeffer Gets It Right: It's PRO BIRTH - Not PRO LIFE!

When will people realize that the "Pro Life" movement isn't labeled correctly? It should be labeled "Pro Birth." A majority of "Pro Life" people:

- vote for the death penalty
- protest against illegitimacy and denigrate single mothers
- are against welfare of any kind

Pro Lifers are more concerned about the act of abortion itself than the causes. Hypothetically: if abortions were made illegal, would rabid pro-lifers check a special box on their income tax forms giving their returns to adoption centers?

Of course not.

They only care that the child is born. They're not going to pay for the upbringing (life?) of some hooker's kid! If they mourn for those (supposedly) 50 million babies since Roe v. Wade, then they should have taken some responsibility upon themselves and paid for them to have a chance at a decent life.

And what Schaeffer is saying makes perfect sense: if, as a Christian, you are truly pro-life, then prove it by preempting the criminals and alerting the authorities.

True Pro-Lifers are against death of any kind. They don't vote for the death penalty, they don't bash people because of sexual orientation, they don't discourage hate crimes bills, they don't carry concealed weapons in state parks.

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