Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Street Preachers: They May Not Seem Dangerous, But They Are!

If you want to get more in depth into the brain of a "street preacher" just go here. Invite your friends. Have a party! Believe me, there's plenty of room!

Remember what I've said about Christofascists being like Elmer Fudds? Well, the people in the video below who are harassing people at a mosque, are worse than Fudds because they have an even greater potential for violence. They're a small step away from "forced" conversions.

And while as "Soldiers of Christ" they say that they take their marching orders from God, their ideologies are not that different than someone like Rick Warren's. Both are out to "save the world." The people with the posters and sandwich boards just don't have the "vision" that Warren has. They couldn't spell out "Warren we are yours" with their bodies simply because they can't spell.

Just a thought.

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