Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rush Limbaugh's Greatest Fear: People Will Find Out How Much He REALLY Weighs!

Yes, People, Rush Limbaugh Is Really Rush Blimpo And Tips The Scales At 5000 lbs!
(The Republicans Love Him Because
He Looks Like Their Mascot - Only Moreso!)

From Think Progress:

Limbaugh Opposes Health IT Provisions, Fears His Medical Records Might Become Public

As the Senate prepares to vote on its paired down version of the recovery package, Rush Limbaugh is still inventing reasons to oppose its passage. Today on his radio show, Limbaugh zeroed in on a $20 billion portion of the bill devoted to increasing the use of health care IT. Limbaugh warned, “Your medical treatments will be tracked electronically by a federal system” and declared that this and similar health care provisions have “nothing to do with stimulus but have everything to do with advancing the liberal agenda”

Limbaugh should be forced to have on site. Then immediately after his show, they can run down the list of erroneous things he said.

Rather, most summaries of the legislation explain that physicians will be offered financial incentives in the form of direct grants and increased Medicare reimbursement rates for adopting “certified electronic health records” and proving that they utilize them “effectively.” Indeed, while the government will be subsidizing the creation of this “nationwide system to exchange health data electronically” — it will not be running it.
I can see why Republicans took offense at Obama's Rush Limbaugh comment - it made them look stupid because they actually DO follow what this man says. They will follow anyone who makes $33 million per year.

ANYONE. This man can stretch the truth, lie, take things out of context, skewer people for the fun of it. He's the Republican dream.

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