Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Knock It 'Til You've Tried It: Why Some People Just Can't Evolve!

So many people are evolving these days, but it's really not hard to find the people who aren't. You could look at the mailing list for Paul Hamm's Creation Museum, for instance. You could peek into some Bible classes. Better yet, you could attend some school board meetings! You could carry a sign on the road "Honk if you believe in talking snakes!" You could seek out Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Put it this way: How can you bother to evolve if you don't believe in evolution? Literalists and Inerrantists are not only anti-evolvers, they're anti everything scientific and an embarrassment to modern day civilization. Do you think Young-Earthers can go to an international seminar on paleontology without being laughed out of the building? Or out of the country? In the post on rants, you will definitely see "people" who have not evolved: virulent street preachers. Just look at it and ask yourself if these people have evolved at all.

Just a thought.

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