Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin or ....Gracie Allen?

Who would you pick?

One of the first women to run for President was the brilliantly ditzy Gracie Allen.
Party: The Surprise Party Platform: solid wood
Party Mascot: kangaroo
Party Slogan: It's In the Bag! Notable policy statements:

"I don't know much about the Lend-Lease Bill, but if we owe it we should pay it."
"Everybody knows a woman is better than a man when it comes to introducing bills into the house."
"Down with Common Sense!"
In 1940, George Burns and Gracie Allen did a cross-country whistlestop campaign tour, performing their live radio show in various cities with the theme of Gracie running for President. They published a book, Gracie Allen for President, containing photos during the tour and the Surprise Party Convention. Not surprisingly, when time for the actual presidential election came up, Gracie Allen got more than a few votes.

Sarah Palin gasve an interview yesterday with Charles Gibson, some of the statements making no sense at all. And if they made any sense, they were still miles away from the proper answer. When Gracie talked to men, they all left with a "there's a logic in what she said that I can't quite find, but she was so gracious I'll go with it."

Do you think that Palin will have the same effect on dignitaries? I somehow doubt it.

Another thing: Gracie had class - she didn't shoot wolves from a helicopter.

Just a thought.

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