Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mary Cheney and Her Strange Bedfellows: Will FRC Take This One Lying Down?

If Family Research Council and Focus on the Family disliked Mary Cheney before, they sure as hell detest her now:

Though she long sat on the sidelines as her father served as second in command over the past eight years, Vice-President Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary is flexing her political muscle and joining the fight to stop Prop. 8.

According to the website, Cheney pledged $3,000 back in July to the campaign to stop the ballot measure attempting to re-ban gay marriage in California. features a slew of high profile celebrities who have donated money and/or voiced their opposition to the California ballot measure, including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, comedian Dennis Miller and Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry.

Holy Family Values! There are REPUBLICANS who agree with the Homosexual Agenda!! Well, it IS California, but still! But Dick Cheney will be out soon and we're sure that good Pentecostal Gun-Toting, Anti-abortion Sarah Palin will set things right!

Yeah, Mrs. Mooseburger will set things, ah, straight. The Cheneys have had a hard time with the unGodly baby and all. Of course, hard as I try, I can never feel sorry for Dick Cheney. I just can't. There is simply no pathos in his face, no humor in his eyes. There's something so cold about him that to think about him as human is, in a way...heretical.

In a fundraising letter 2 years ago, Family Research Council (FRC) had this to say about our beloved Vice President's daughter:

We have our work cut out for us as you know. In the past few weeks, the media have been filled with appearances by Mary Cheney and others who are working to undercut the importance of marriage to our survival as a society.

The media have delighted in the fact that Vice President Cheney's daughter publicly opposes the very convictions that brought her father's political party into the White House.

And when Mary Cheney had the unGodly baby, Christofascists REALLY went to town:
"There should be no touch of sadness when a healthy baby boy is born
into a home with two parents, but in this case, we’re afraid, there is."(Americans for Truth)

So now Mary Cheney is backing No on Prop 8. She has just dropped off the radar screen of the Christofascists. They will use her in any way they can. They'll scrutinize every grade the boy earns at school. If he's a failure, they'll point it out with billboards blazing. If he's a brilliant student, they'll just chalk it up to the genes his grandfather gave him.

Such is the way, the Christofascist mind works.

I don't trust him when he smiles

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