Saturday, September 13, 2008

Never Place a Period Where God Has Placed a Comma

The title of this post is as enigmatic as it's creator was funny: Gracie Allen. Enigmatic because it can be interpreted in different ways. However, I take it to mean that life is not as definitive as we think. And things don't necessarily end when we say they end. We "interpret" writings such as the Bible, putting "words" into God's mouth. How presumptuous is that!

I started to write about Gracie Allen running for President, but instead wound up with two posts: one about Gracie Allen, and another about the presumptuousness of attributing words in the Bible to God. And when you think about it, not only is attributing the Bible solely to God presumptuous, it's rather stupid. Yes, I'm taking on the Christofascists here again (yawn!).

Especially the Assemblies of God Church (yes, Sarah Palin, too - double yawn!!).

Assemblies of God churches are Pentecostal churches rather virulent in their application of their doctrine. Are they "denominational"? Yes, in the sense that they espouse certain avenues of belief to be the "right" way to attain heaven. They do not look kindly upon other "Christians" (some of them overtly hate Catholics) nor do they tolerate any apostates: when you're cast out - you're OUT! As strict inerrantists they dismiss any attempt to point out the hundreds of thousands of errors and inconsistencies in the Bible. Assemblies of God followers never ever question the Bible. Adult Bible study classes are not about questioning, but interpreting correctly. They frequently do not consider that to interpret, you must question. Every word in the Bible is definitive. Period.

Now think of Gracie Allen's statement. AOG followers place periods to
everything in the Bible. It's arrogant, self-indulgent and vain to think that the book you have in your hands comes directly from God. And quite ridiculous. It's ridiculous to think that people who do not follow all of the precepts of the Bible are sinners. It's ridiculous because the assumption that we are all sinners is both ridiculous and insulting. Blame Augustine of Hippo for Original Sin, but don't blame mankind. I know you think my reasoning is faulty: AOG/Pentecostalism decrees that the Bible is totally inerrant - Sarah Palin is an AOG/Pentecostal follower - therefore Sarah Palin takes the Bible literally - therefore Sarah Palin is stupid. O.K., but what if Sarah Palin was exposed to different ideologies and theologies yet still thought that Pentecostalism was the ONLY way to attain enlightenment? Yes, THEN she would be stupid.

Am I spouting a form of religious intolerance? Maybe I am. But think of how Sarah Palin's theology prevents her from viewing other people and problems objectively. The thought just came to me: do you think that Sarah Palin could relate in any way to families living in the inner cities - in an objective manner? Could she relate to the 1.2 million Muslims living in this country? To the many Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and yes, atheists? Could she relate on ANY religious level accept to Christofascists who believe that EVERYONE MUST BE CHRISTIAN!

I don't think so.
From God's Mouth to Our Ears? I think not.

Just a thought.

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