Tuesday, September 30, 2008


(Shock!!) Maybe Gayer!

Holy Blue Light Special! According to a VERY Christian mutual fund site, Wal-Mart is as anti-family and unChristian as Disney and a whole host of huge companies! I just stumbled upon a site that I couldn't believe. O.K., maybe I've been living somewhere else other than the real world but, honestly, I didn't know it existed! There's a mutual fund that caters to right-wing evangelicals, presenting a portfolio with "approved" investments, a portfolio built to please "moral investors". It's called The Timothy Plan.

(Financial Times ,Jan, 2008) "Christian group top among US faith-based investors"--Timothy Plan's "funds are heavily invested in energy stocks such as ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and Marathon Oil, a big factor in their outperformance."

And just wait til you see who's on their shit list - ooops, I'm sorry, "Hall of Shame" list.These are companies who hire gay people, give to gay causes/organizations, and are active in gay organizations. The list is VERY interesting. A mind-blower even. Here is list of Hall-of-Shame"ers that have x's in all three categories:

Aetna, Inc.
American Express
Borders Group
Bristol -Myers Squibb
Clear Channel Communications
Coca Cola Earthlink Co.
General Electric
Johnson & Johnson

JP Morgan & Chase Co.
Coors Brewing Co.
Pepsico, Inc.
Pfizer, Inc.
PlanetOut, Inc.
Prudential Financial

Starbucks, Inc.
Wal Mart Stores, Inc.
The Walt Disney Company

In today's economy (or lack of it) The Timothy Plan shows you who NOT to invest in: pro-choicers and gays:

From Prospectus:
By using this methodology, investors can choose to honor their moral convictions with their investments without sacrificing investment return opportunities. By being denied the use of investment capital, corporate America will learn that a financial cost is incurred for conducting business that undermines American families, moral integrity, and the institution of marriage.
In other words, "Fuck the Economy! We're sticking to blood, oil, and self-righteousness for our money!"

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