Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crouching Christians, Hidden Lions - The Culture War Heats Up

Even Christians Need Money To Go To War!

I warned everyone. Sure, my timing was off, but the Christofascists look like they might attack at any minute.

(Associated Press)

“I’m telling you straight up, I would choose life,” Emrich told about 100 worshippers Sunday at New Life Church, a nondenominational evangelical congregation about 40 miles from Milwaukee.

“I would cast a vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin,” he said. “But friends, it’s your choice to make, it’s not my choice. I won’t be in the voting booth with you.”

All told, 33 pastors in 22 states were to make pointed recommendations about political candidates Sunday, an effort orchestrated by the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund.

Tax Exemption is a PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT.

Exemption, in a way, is a quid pro quo situation: "If you don't tread on secular political areas affecting everyone - not just your own church - then, you will be given tax exempt status." Is that fair enough? I think so, but there are many people that think churches should be given special privileges over the rest of mankind. After all, you have to pay to play. In politics at least.

The "religious freedom" of the Founding Fathers was freedom OF religion and freedom FROM STATE religion, but not from religion itself. To have religion stepping into politics invites the complete take-over by religion that colonists from England were trying to avoid. If religion was allowed to get a foothold into politics, there would be nothing holding it back from having its own political party running on a strict morality ticket. That ticket would also include isolationism (we're assuming that the Party would we "Christian" and show disdain for other countries not totally "Christian"). It would also be hawkish.

And, of course, all that morality will take money. During economic hard times, people tend to look to their church (any church) for solace. Osteen's "prosperity gospel" church/stadium will undoubtedly be packin' 'em in. What many people don't realize is that the church they worship may have "more money than God." Many of them will be fleeced of their poor savings and think it is a "seed" of faith.

So the Christofascists will be rolling in money during our recession/depression. They will preach "tithing" at their loudest lectures. And how will they use it? "Soup kitchens" are great gestures to the poor, but they won't dent the vaults of megachurches. No, those churches will be spending the money on politics...and politicians, and campaigns.

Just a thought.

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