Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Serenity Amidst Chaos: Keeping It Alive.

That's what we all strive for, I guess.

I took a stroll around Lake Merced - for the first time since I've moved here. I set aside the thoughts of the day: Rick Santorum's win in Iowa, Cindy Jacobs' fake miracles, the unabashed righteous arrogance of the Christian Right, the political circus yet to come. 

The good and the bad of living in SF's Park Merced: it's remoteness. Cabs won't come here. MUNI's M line is the pits and really the only thing out here transit-wise. Some long time residents of SF don't even know where it is. They think it's in Oakland. But the serenity of Lake Merced is awesome and exactly a twenty-two minute walk from my apartment. 

Even though I fought too hard to keep my apartment here, there are times that I wonder: why? 

Thank God for my stroll. 

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