Monday, August 15, 2011

Ann Coultergeist: Gays Love Me! I'm Their Judy Garland! I'm Delusional!

Urban Dictionary:Definition: Coultergeist
A word used to describe the haunting feeling one gets when watching Fox News.Example A: "Man, there was nothing else on last night, so I decided to watch some Fox News. After a few minutes of Sean Hannity it felt like there was a Coultergeist in my house."


It's time to put Ann Coultergeist to rest, or in an asylum. There is a difference between egotism and ODN (Outright Delusional Narcissism). ODN is a terrible disease of the brain - borne of years of self-adulation - which turns the slightest attention or publicity into an all-encompassing feeling of idolatry by everyone. 

Ann Coultergeist has terminal ODN. We should pray for her, but her ODN is too far advanced. Even God cannot work such a miracle, so save the prayers.

We all knew the end was coming: she insisted that her audience was growing even while her book sales had started to tank. But now we have seen the beginning of the end: this single (very single) strand of spaghetti insists that she has a huge gay following.
One comment:
Forget the fact that GoProud has adopted her as their mascot.  GoProud is a farce: a farce hiring another farce to degrade them for publicity.How many gays love GoProud?
Not many. From Queerty:
Considering that GOProud regularly supports anti-gay candidates, doesn’t support gay marriage—even though GOProud Chairman Christopher R. Barron is married (the hypocrite)—and has been mocked by Coulter in the past—they totally deserve each other. Barron says that Coulter’s appearance at their 2010 Homocon event “helped put [GOProud] on the map.”
Yes, just like the nuclear meltdown helped put Chernobyl on the map.

The ODN that now drives Ms. Coultergeist can be viewed in the video below. But it's too intense. So let's go point by point, quote by quote, shall we?
Log Cabin Republicans is not a truly conservative group. Why? Because conservative groups want gays back in the closet? GoProud has done everything it can to do just that: by trying to negate everything the gay rights movement has ever accomplished, it has all but told Republicans that they can vote just as well from the closet as from the room.

Have you ever been to a LGBT group before?
Yes, I call them Ann Coulter book signings. This is possibly the height of hypocritical hyperbole. And the most delusional of her statements. If one gay person were at her signings, it would be to size her up for portrayal at Halloween.  Even if GoProud were to attend all of her signings, it would be a small event and Coulter would fire her publicist. 

Speaking at Homocon:” I’m in the market for a new hair stylist” Coulter dilusionally thinks that  gays love to be insulted. However, like African-Americans, gays can insult their own, but no one else can (or should). 

Right Wing Judy Garland  A weird correlation, don't you think? Garland was considered an icon for several things, none of which fit Coultergeist: Garland had talent that was exploited and abused. The only abuse occuring with Coultergeist is her abuse of other people. Coulter has no real talent. She can marginally be called a professional - a professional bitch.
I didn’t expect that all right wing girls would all be good looking. Coultergeist has not taken a look the a mirror for a very long time. Nor has she taken a look at her very unflattering (but fairly accurate), caricatures. Joe Jervis (Joe.My.God) calls her "Skeletor." She looks so much like a palomino that friends warn her not to go to England: Princess Anne would try to ride her.* Yes, I admit this is a vicious retort, but we're talking about the pundit who cannot talk about Joe Biden without inserting a comment about his hair plugs.

Didn’t expect that SO many gays would be HUGE fans of mine. Like many of her statements, Coulter fails to come up with substantive support. She thinks that all of her pronouncements are automatically taken as fact. Again, most delusional.

If you’re born gay, why would you be a liberal? If you were born straight, why would you be conservative? 

One of the highest incomes demographically. This is a myth that has been dispelled, but not enough. The idea that gay males make MORE than straight males is certainly untrue. Coultergeist's GoProud friends might make more money than most (and most gays) but Coulter is still dillusional if she thinks that all/most gays are like the GoProud crowd. These are gays whose primary purpose in life is to protect their own money and get some publicity while they're doing it so that they can make more money.
They are victims of crimes.  But the kind of crimes perpetrated by most conservatives: discrimination, bashing, and hate speech.

Muslims don’t think too highly of them. They don' think too highly of you either, Ms. Coultergeist,  but that doesn't mean that you should consider "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." 

Entire Republican platform is fighting the same causes as any sane gay person. So gays are against universal healthcare coverage? They're against government subsidizing of non-profits (like the San Francisco AIDS Emergency Fund - through the Ryan White Act)? 

All gays who are born gay are overwhelmingly conservative. Huh? Parts of today's conservative movement are not genetic or systemic: like the South Pacific song goes, "You have to be taught ton hate."

Angry gays causing trouble weren’t born gay. They were just angry at their fathers. When pundits play psychologist, it's time to click off the video. 

Gay marriage: I talked them out of it when I was at that meeting. So much so that GoProud Chairman Christopher R. Barron is considering an annulment? I don't think so.

I tell them “we like you”  Severe ODN always negates the disingenuous.

* Another reason the Brits dislike her so much: "[Diana is] an ordinary and pathetic and confessional — I've never had bulimia! I've never had an affair! I've never had a divorce! So I don't think she's better than I am." Actually, Coulter's never had much of anything.

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