Saturday, May 29, 2010

Poor Greta, Poor Sean, Poor Fox

77% of FOX viewers think 
Greta Van Sustern is very, very stupid


You got that right, you have a mind like a seive. Your brain is empty.

Matter of fact, it is so empty, if you put a pea in your skull it would rattle around like a BB in a boxcar. You said it, gal, not me, but I sure do agree with you. A true blonde.

Brian ***

Tahlequah, OK

PS How do you get that cush job, anyway?

Greta Van Sustern took a poll to show off a viewer who thought that she was stupid. Unfortunately, The poll did not go, shall we say, in her favor. 

I can only reiterate what some people have stated on her blog: it was dumb to take the poll. The man's language did not show a great command of English, let alone any semblance of intellect. Even if the poll numbers had been reversed, it would still have shown that 23% didn't think she was too smart. She also allowed a simple-minded critic to rattle her to such an extent that she bothered to comment on it in her blog. 

This blog has seldom battled with comments and never with anyone purely negative. 

Poor Greta is now in a terrible quandary: should she say something about the poll? Will she be terribly silent, hoping that the FOX execs don't know about this? How will she proceed? She can't shoot back with any anger, but that would seem arrogant on her part. 

Will she be able to keep her job at FOX? Of course, she will. Few businesses sponsor Glen Beck and he's stayed on. FOX must be hemorrhaging money at this point, though: who would want to buy air time on Greta's program knowing that her viewers, such as they are, think she's an idiot?

I wonder if Sean Hannity were to take a poll...

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