Friday, April 16, 2010

Off to Obama Territory

The Right sneers at Obama's stint as a community organizer, but I can tell you that the South Side of Chicago is rough enough to challenge seasoned mayors of small towns in Alaska, even if they were popular enough to become the governor and served only half of the term. Come to think of it: has Palin ever SEEN an inner city? Has she ever campaigned in the ghetto? Anchorage isn't big enough to compare with the likes of Chicago, New York, L.A. Just among those three alone, there are probably 4 million potential voters. In this aspect of her "political career" she's more like George Bush: when she gets off a plane, she has no idea of where the hell she is. And doesn't really care.

Any ladle that dishes out some gravy, honey. Besides, she's probably spent the $100,000 fee before she's landed.

I'm leaving for Chicago on Thursday, and won't be back until Tuesday. There's family to visit (after 20 years!!) the Art Institute and The Museum of Science and Industry to see, and then there's Rush Limbaugh - The Musical and Billy Elliot.

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