Friday, February 26, 2010

End of an Era: The San Francisco Faerie Portal Closes

Not A Human Interest Story,
But A Wonderful Story Nonetheless


For years, the Faeries of San Francisco have had a portal to their world and to ours. And being the San Francisco portal, it was, of course, considered the Grand Central Station for faeries.

The other day, however, the portal was discovered in a terrible state: it had obviously been dismantled (with the exception of the actual doorway itself) and a note was tacked on to it. It read, in effect, that Oberon, King of the Faeries had closed the portal, distributed its plants and flowers (as well as the sparkly gemstones the faeries used to play with) and declared it inoperable. Why the King did this is not important since the faeries knew him to be a very strict but just King and they never questioned his purposes. They knew that he would somehow provide an alternate portal.

But it was nonetheless a loss. Such gay times they had there! You see, to the faeries, our world is exciting, in a rough and rugged sort of way. Even a sleek apartment in the sky is filled with adventure and exploration. The portal was therefore seen as a place to! It was the last party for some and the first party for others.

It transcended anything we could imagine. For instance, it had a toll taker who took away their gemstones because humans valued them so much and would start poaching faerie communities if they ever found so much as a tiny ruby. But faeries being very sloppy (as faeries are wont to be), they littered the portal and the toll taker had to eventually pick up all of them.

Party Time! The light is white,
so they're... ah ... you know!

When they came through the portal into our world, they became progressively bigger in size and could actually be seen by some humans! And when they went back, they shrunk back to King Oberon's ordered size which was smaller than the head of a pin.

In the evening, they gave off rainbows of light and when they made love, they produced the purest and brightest of white lights. That's the reason white lights lit up the portal on moonless nights, faeries being exhibitionists and all.

They would also be met by Fiona, Faerie of the West Wind who, on her magic flute produced music so entracing that faeries felt very welcomed (or very missed). The problem with Fiona's music was that it was never sufficient warning for faeries wandering up the path to the Dark Forest. Faeries going in ... but not coming out.

So it's the end of an era for San Francisco. The King is allowing the doorway to be overgrown with wildflowers and weeds. It may not be discovered for a very long time. But as the faerie legend goes, anyone who discovers the doorway is destined to plant the bright flowers and plants to entice the faeries back.

It's The Last Night
and Fiona Bids You Farewell

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