Friday, May 8, 2009

O.K., We'll Bite: Dijongate Here We Come!

The media of the Right (esp. the Christian Right, ooops, sorry, Social Conservatives) is too silly to be believed. Apparently, Sean Hannity thinks Dijon mustard is waaaay too bizarre for a President to have on his all American hamburger! But, as someone more astute than I am pointed out: "mayonaise" is a much "Frenchier" name. Did Obama have "Freedom Fries" with it?

Could this be expanded into an SNL sketch? Something Monty Pythonesque?

Following President Obama's May 5 visit to Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, Virginia, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Rush Limbaugh Show guest host Mark Steyn criticized Obama as an elitist because he ordered a burger with "spicy mustard" or "Dijon mustard." Hannity claimed that Obama ordered a "fancy burger" with a "very special condiment," while Steyn asserted Obama is trying "to enlighten us" through his order. Ingraham asked of Obama: "What kind of man orders a cheeseburger without ketchup but Dijon mustard? ... The guy orders a cheeseburger without ketchup? What is that?"

Tres Horrible!

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