Friday, May 8, 2009

The Numbers Are Coming In And (Surprise!) The Republicans Can't Stand The Numbers

Oh, how the impressions of Barack Obama have changed! Pew Research has just ladled out the gravy for Obama's first hundred 100 days: some not so good, but most, incredibly positive. The research goes back to September and tracks the top words used to describe Obama when people were asked to describe him in one word. I've given the list here in a rather crude way, but it emphasizes just how far President Obama has come in in the eyes of America.

The pluses: he's increased in these impressions: great, good, intelligent, confident, and presidential. The increase in negative impressions: socialist, not as much change as people had hoped for, slightly arrogant, and could use some tips in the charisma department.

You can be sure that if some smart Republicans come along (don't hold your breath), they will hammer at the socialist/spending impressions - and not what Obama has on his hamburgers!

Just a thought.

Intelligent +10
Good +23
Socialist 14
Liberal 5
Great +20
Confident +19
Inexperienced -42
Honest 2
Trying +16
Smart +15
Change -26
Competent +14
Excellent +14
Spender/Spending 14
Arrogant 5
Hope/Hopeful -3
Charismatic -7
President 12
Leader 2
Different -1

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